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Maintenance 6 week Resistance Band, strength + RPE based for COVID-19 #athomeshelter


Julie Dunkle, USAT, Ironman U +Training Peaks Certified Coach. 16x IM 7x KQ, NCAA D I swimmer

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6 Weeks

Plan Specs

triathlon half ironman beginner intermediate advanced power based strength

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Plan Description

Cannot swim!!! Try resistance band training! Keep your 70.3 training going. Follow this plan to keep swim shape while you are sheltering at home or out of the water. This plan is every other day of resistance band workouts + added core workouts. + strength workouts + bike workouts with power. All can all be done at home and bike trainer workouts. Workouts are power based, so you will need a power meter and HR monitor.

This plan is for all levels, The load of the band is what makes this harder. You can use paddles or use handles, whatever you have. StretchCordz have paddles- I recommend the yellow for most swimmers 5-14lb load, if you are an elite swimmer go with green, beginner swimmer or you have less strength silver 3-8 lb, If you have questions please email me at

You can also use Resistance Bands- order from amazon. Look for the LB load and use guide above for what works best for you.

Bands provide resistance to just about any motion, and can be especially helpful for mimicking the motions you make while in the pool.

They allow you to perform strength-training exercises in the way that they provide a force against which your muscles must work. This action has a very different impact on the way your muscles will contract, which stimulates bone as well as muscle growth.

Muscle imbalances in swimmers usually stem from the fact that swimming works all major muscle groups, but fails to work the smaller supportive muscle groups equally. Strengthening these supportive muscle groups is the best way to not only aid injury prevention, but improve stroke mechanics as well.

Julie Dunkle has been coaching for 6 years, completed 16 Ironman races, with 6x Kona Qualifier, 50+ 70.3 races. Combining my experience as an athlete and a coach allows me to write plans that allow people to balance life + triathlon. As a division1 NCAA swimmer I have been swimming for over 49 years and coaching swimming for 30+ years.

Please email me with questions


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
2:24 hrs 0:36 hrs
4:51 hrs 2:08 hrs
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
2:24 hrs 0:36 hrs
4:51 hrs 2:08 hrs

Training Load By Week

Julie Dunkle

D3 Multisport

Customized coaching based on your schedule, time, strengths and weaknesses. Using HR and power if you have it, workouts are written to help you realize your potential. $325 per month gives you detailed daily workouts, unlimited contact, nutrition and race day planning. As a mother wife and 16x Ironman finisher, 7x Kona Qualifier, I understand how to balance life+triathlon and maintain success in all areas.

Sample Day 1

Resistance Cord Swim Pulls -#3

5 min ez
1 min rest

1 min hard/ 1 min ez
2 min hard / 1 min ez
3 min hard/ 1 min ez
2 min hard/ 1 min ez
1 min hard/ 1 min ez

Sample Day 2

5 min plank

Sample Day 2

VO2 #1 2x (6x30")

BT: Warm-up for 10', then 5x1' at 100 rpms, with 1' recovery. Then do 6x30" HARD, with 30" recovery (9 on 1-10 RPE scale). 5' easy spinning in a light gear, then repeat 6x30" hard, with 30" recovery. Cool down easily and stretch.

Sample Day 3

Resistance Cord Swim Pulls Intervals #2

1 min ez/1 rest
2 min ez/ 1 rest
3 min ez/1 rest
2 min ez/ 1 rest
1 min ez/1 rest

Sample Day 4

ez spin

Sample Day 5

Resistance Cords Intervals #3

1 min ez/ 1 hard
2 min ez/ 1 hard
3 min ez/ 1 hard
4 min ez/ 1 rest

2 sets

Sample Day 6

Band Strength Workout

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