Home Based Training Plan (COVID-19) For 70.3 & Ironman Distance

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Home Based Training Plan (COVID-19) For 70.3 & Ironman Distance


Carly Guggemos

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4 Weeks

Typical Week

1 Day Off, 2 Bike, 3 Run, 3 Strength

Longest Workout

2:30 hrs bike
1:45 hrs run

Plan Specs

triathlon half ironman beginner intermediate power based hr based base period

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This plan is intended for athletes who are unable to train outside of their home due to the COVD-19 virus. The plan is 4 weeks in duration and requires an indoor bike with trainer, access to running and weights.

The details of the week:
- Bikes are built using power
- Runs are built using heart rate
- 2 bike/week
- 3 runs/week (one brick run)
- 2 body weight strength training sessions/week
- 1 strength training session with weights

During this time be sure to follow the recommendations of the CDC and be smart about your training:


Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 06:57
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 06:57
Average Weekly Breakdown

Carly Guggemos

Organic Coaching LLC

Triathlon is about so much more than putting together a strong swim, bike and run. It’s about looking at the big picture and the process of setting goals, being determined to reach those goals and most importantly, believing in yourself and the learning that takes place along the way! Carly is structured, data-driven, and supportive in her approach to coaching. Fully customized training plans that fit your schedule and goals while maintaining life’s balance.

Sample Day 1

Z3, 2 x 3 min (PWR)

Warm up:
10 min Z1-2

Main Set:
35 min high end Z2
2 x 3 min Z3, in the front big chain ring. 2:00 RI.

Cool down:
5 min Z1 easy

Sample Day 2

Swim Specific (body weight)

Repeat circuit 3xPlank 60 seconds
15 push ups
Right side plank 30 seconds
Left side plank 30 seconds
20 supermans
30 seconds of flutter kicks,
15 push ups
Rest 30 seconds

Sample Day 2

Running fundamentals (Body Weight)

3 x 15

TOE CURLS: Stand with feet hip-width apart at the edge of a towel. With the toes of your left foot, gather the towel and slowly pull it toward you. Return to start and repeat with the other foot.

MONSTER WALKS: With feet shoulder-width apart, place a resistance band around your thighs and step forward and toward the right with your right leg. Bring your left leg up to meet your right, then step out toward the left. Then walk backward in the same way to return to the start. Repeat.

HEEL DROP: Stand on your toes on the edge of a step. Shift your weight to your right leg, take your left foot off the step, and lower your right heel down. Return to start, and then repeat with your left leg.

Lie on your back with your arms out to the sides, knees bent, and feet flat on the floor. Squeeze your glutes to lift your hips up off the floor. Extend your left leg out and hold for 30 seconds (work up to 60-second holds), then lower it. Repeat with your other leg.

Sample Day 3

Quick Tempos 1 (HR)

Warm Up:
10 mins ez cruise building to Z2
4 x 20 sec strides2ith :40 easy

Main Set:
Ladder run:
1 min fast w/1 min ez
2 min fast w/90 secs ez
3 min fast w/2 mins ez
2 min fast w/90 secs ez
1 min fast w/1 min ez

10 min zone 2

Cool Down:
5 mins Z1

Sample Day 4

Strength 4 Swimmers (With Weights)

The following plan is to be done and a circuit, doing 3 full rounds.

1. Plank rows - 20 reps alternating
2. Kettle bell swings - 15 reps
3. Medicine ball push ups - 8 reps
4. Russian Twist - 20 reps alternating
5. Straight leg flutter kicks - 20 reps alternating
6. Calf raises - 10 reps
7. Squats 15 reps

Sample Day 5

1:45 hour ride continuous Z2 efforts (PWR)

Warm up:
20 min Z1 easy, with a quick cadence

Main Set:
3 x 15 min Z2 with a cadence of 80-85 with 10:00 RI between efforts.

Cool down:
10 min Z1

Sample Day 5

Brick run (HR)

Straight Off the Bike:
5 min Z2

Cool Down
5 min Z1

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