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2020 Supplemental Training- 2 Week Race Supplement/Test Weeks


AP Racing

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2 Weeks

Plan Specs

triathlon half ironman

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Plan Description

This 2 week block is intended to replace any races that were postponed or cancelled due to 2020 schedule changes.

This block will provide a great test of your fitness and help with fitness gains while also creating a natural break that will help you long term with your training. Feel free to adjust the days based on your availability.


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
3:35 hrs 1:25 hrs
5:35 hrs 4:00 hrs
2:49 hrs 1:20 hrs
—— ——
—— ——
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
3:35 hrs 1:25 hrs
5:35 hrs 4:00 hrs
2:49 hrs 1:20 hrs
—— ——
—— ——

Training Load By Week

Andy Potts

Andy Potts Racing

I want to leave the sport better than I started with it-
I have spent my entire life training, racing and trying out new ways to get better. A lot of people helped me along the way and I want to help others by sharing my experiences and providing everyone with the best opportunity to be their best.

Join me and find your new potential.

Sample Day 1


400 swim
300 as 50 drill / 50 swim
100 as 25 fast / 25 easy

4 x 200 as
1-2: Race Pace, r=2 minutes
3-4: Descend by 25's to race pace; r=:1 minute

100 easy

4 x 100 as
1-2: Race Pace, r=1 minute
3-4: Descend by 25's to race pace; r=:1 minute

300 - 1k swim with mixed drills. Feel free to add fins. Just swim until you feel comfortable and 'satisfied' with your set.

Sample Day 1


15:00 easy build to z2

:30 @ cadence over 100+, z3+
:30 @ easy cruise

3 x
8:00 @ z3 building into z4
2:00 @ easy cruise

Cruise remainder

Sample Day 2


10-15 minute easy build and then get in some solid efforts. Get your HR up and your body primed + ready to run.

Do a 30 minute run at fastest sustainable pace. Do not fade.

At 10 minutes, click your lap button.
Record Average HR(LTHR) and Pace(FTP) for the last 20 minutes.

Cool Down for 5-10 minutes

How to Determine + Set Your Run HR Zones:


Go to Athlete-->Settings-->Zones
Scroll to Heart Rate 
Scroll to Run Heart Rate or Choose ‘add activity-run’
Scroll to Auto Calculation:
- Input Threshold Heart Rate from Test
- Input your Max/Resting Heart Rate(RHR)
- Use the following auto-calculation:
- Lactate Threshold
- Andy Coggan (5)
- Click Calculate
- Click Apply
-Record your HR/Power zones so you can use them in your next training session

How to Set your Run Pace Zones:


We will primarily run based off of HR as the zones do not always equate to pace as there are a lot of variables that can affect pace. With that, here is how you can calculate your run pace zones for certain workouts:

-Go to Athlete-->Settings-->Zones
- Scroll to Speed/PaceDefault Speed/Pace
- Input Threshold Pace from the Test
- Choose Threshold Speed
- Choose Joel Friel for Running(7)
- Click Calculate
- Click Apply
- Record your HR/Pace zones so you can use them in your next training session

Sample Day 2


600 as 75 swim / 25 kick

8 x 75 as 25 single arm drill / 25 single arm drill / 25 swim

1 x 800 at z2
6 x 100 at z3
1 x 400 at z2
2 x 100 at z3
50 easy
12 x 100;
rest =
1-3; @ base interval + 5
4-6; @ base interval
7-9: @ base interval -5
10-12 @ base interval - 10
300 easy with fins + paddles

Sample Day 4


15 minute easy build warm up

8:00 @ z3 building to z4
1:00 @ easy cruise
6:00 @ z3 building to z4
1:00 @ easy cruise
4:00 @ z3 building to z4
1:00 @ easy cruise

Cruise remainder

Sample Day 4

TEST SET- 300's

300 choice
300 as 50 kick / 50 swim
4 x 50, build each 50. R=:20

*Make sure you are warmed up and your body is primed before starting.

Test Set;
3 x 300 at fastest sustainable pace; r=3:00
*FTS(functional threshold speed) = your average 100 pace

500 easy fins and paddles

How to Calculate Your Swim Zones

You can not do this effectively in trainingpeaks, so you will have to do it manually:

Calculate your FTS(Functional Threshold Speed) FTS = Average 100 time for all 3 rounds.

Set your base pace:
- Base pace = 115% of FTS = (1.15)*FTS 

Set your pace zones:
EZ: 115% FTS / Base pace
z1- 110% FTS
z2- 107% FTS
z3- 100% FTS
z4- 93% FTS
z5- 90% FTS

Sample Day 5


The goal for today is to rev the engine a little and then shut it down. We want to leave the tiger in the cage until race day.

3-5 x 
2-4 minutes @ intervals; building effort to just above race pace and holding for the duration.
3:00 @ easy cruise

After, just spin it out.

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