INTRODUCTORY OFFER - 16 week to Half Iron Distance Triathlon - Intermediate (9 - 13 hrs per week)

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INTRODUCTORY OFFER - 16 week to Half Iron Distance Triathlon - Intermediate (9 - 13 hrs per week)


Rebecca Romero - Olympic Gold Medallist

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16 Weeks

Typical Week

3 Swim, 4 Run, 3 Bike, 1 Day Off

Longest Workout

1:20 hrs swim
3:00 hrs bike
1:30 hrs run

Plan Specs

triathlon half ironman beginner intermediate advanced masters power based hr based pace based tss based

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This training plan has been created by Rebecca Romero (Olympic Gold & Silver Medallist, World Champion (Rowing and Cycling) and Kona Age Grouper Competitor) and Nick Lloyd (Great Britain Rower, 9th in ITU Age Group Triathlon Worlds 2001, Kona Age Grouper and 9hr15 Iron Distance athlete).

This 16 week plan is designed to take you to a fitness level to allow you to competitively complete a Half Iron Distance Triathlon event (1.9k swim, 90k bike. 21k run).

It incorporates a lot of interval based training to keep the training time to a minimum whilst still getting your body fit enough, strong and resilient enough to cope with the demands of the event.

Who is this Plan for?

This plan is aimed at an athlete who has already completed in triathlon or another sport previously and so has a good fitness base already in place and is looking for a focused final 16 weeks to maximise there race day performance.

The bike sessions are built around the use of a Power Meter and so really this is needed to gain the maximum benefits from following the plan.

The basics:
1 rest day per week
3 swims per week
3 bikes per week
3/4 runs per week

Time required peaks at 13 hours. But the average for the 16 weeks is just over 10 hours per week.

Other Details

The plan is based around 4 week cycles with 3 weeks building the training volume and/or intensity followed by a recovery week. This week will allow your body to adapt to the stress placed upon it and come back stronger and ready for the next cycle.

Every applicable session has a workout designer, so enabling you to export to Garmin or Wahoo devices as well as exporting to Zwift workout builder. They also include descriptive text to guide you through each session as clearly as possible. 

Sample Week

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Sample Swim Session

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Sample Bike Session

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Rebecca Romero


Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 10:26
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 10:26
Average Weekly Breakdown

Romero Performance

Romero Performance

Romero Performance offers triathletes and cyclists of all abilities the opportunity to achieve their dreams, and learn from one of the most unique sports persons in the world. Programmes are based upon the principles that Rebecca has used during her time in both the British Olympic Rowing and Cycling Teams. (Two of the most successful sports teams in the sporting world). These experiences and techniques allowed Rebecca to train herself and qualify for the Hawaii Ironman in 2012.

Sample Day 1

TS - 1hr -FTP Test or Ramp Test

FTP test - Or Ramp test

If you have access to Zwift or TrainerRoad then you can use their Ramp Test session to get your FTP.

If not the standard 20 min FTP test below can be used.
This is ideally done with power, but we can get your average heart rate from the 20 minute test to calculate zones. If you can note the resistance level ( or number of turns from when roller touches tyre, usually 1.5 turns) and gear used on the turbo then when this is repeated we can see progression (speed or cadence). Make sure you check tyre pressure before starting so can make sure this is the same each time too.

18 mins as:-
3min at effort of 2/10
3min at 3/10 Warm-up
3min at 4/10
3min at 5/10
3min at 6/10 Tempo (race pace)
3min at 7/10 Strong effort
3min at 2/10 Recovery
4 x 1min Fast pedal (low effort) with 1min recovery
3:00 Recovery at 2/10
20mins aim is to go as hard as possible for 20 minutes. So gauge your effort from the start so you can give it all for last five minutes.
3 mins easy pedalling

Sample Day 2

Speed5-60min - 50s & 25s - (3000m - 3600m)

This speed phase is intended to work on top end speed for a few weeks prior to switching to the race prep phase to ensure you have the ability to change pace and get off the start fast.

Sample Day 2

Str - 1hr - 8 x 1 min Hill Reps

You need a hill that takes around 1min to run up for this session. Run up the hill at a 5-10k pace effort
Warm Up:
20 mins steady run

8 x 1 min hill rep,
2 min easy jog down as recovery

Cool Down:
10 mins easy run

Sample Day 3

BuildWk1-Sess1-60mins Overs&Unders

3 sets of Over and Unders. These are intervals at just below and above your FTP. These will help your build to just used to effort at around FTP level and the "Overs" will help boost your FTP.

Each set has 3 repeats of 2 mins Under at 95% & 1 min Over at 105%

Sample Day 4

Speed4- 125's & 25's - 60min (3000m - 3500m)

This speed phase is intended to work on top end speed for a few weeks prior to switching to the race prep phase to ensure you have the ability to change pace and get off the start fast.

Sample Day 4

EN - 45mins - General Endurance

An easy/steady run at a comfortable, conversational pace, about one to two minutes per mile slower than your 5K pace if you know it. These runs are meant to strengthen muscles, build endurance, and burn fat, but the key is to keep the effort conservative so you're not getting too fatigued or at risk of injury.

Sample Day 5

Build Wk1-Sess3-90mins 4 x 9min 95% FTP

This session has 4 x 9 min at 95% of FTP Intervals in the Threshold wattage range

If possible do the intervals in your aero position to develop specific strength and acclimatisation to the position

Between the intervals a 9 minute recovery at 55% FTP

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