Milestone Racing- Ironman 70.3 Build Period 8 Week Plan


Derek Stone

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8 Weeks

Typical Week

4 Run, 4 Bike, 3 Swim

Longest Workout

0:54 hrs swim
2:00 hrs bike
1:40 hrs run

Plan Specs

triathlon half ironman intermediate multi day power based

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8 Week Build Block specific to the 70.3 distance. Best used for athletes that own a power meter.

FTP Test Week 1

No Run Test


Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 10:01
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 10:01
Average Weekly Breakdown

Derek Stone

Milestone Racing, LLC.

As an avid runner and endurance athlete, it is my mission to share my passion with others and help them grow in endurance athletics.

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Sample Day 1

35 Minute Base Run

35 Minute Base Run

Main: 35 minute continuous run. RPE (Rate of perceived effort) should be about a 5 out of 10.

Once you are complete with the 30 minute run, complete 4x20 second strides. Recovery should be a walk back to the start of the stride.

Sample Day 2


Today is the day you're going to suffer for 20 minutes! a 20 minute best effort for 20 minutes to determine your threshold.

Sample Day 2

30 Minute Supporting Run

30 Minute Run-

Focus on a quick cadence/turnover but don't force the pace. Let your body dictate and allow the pace to come naturally.

Sample Day 3

Long Swim

Warm up:
200 Easy
4x50 Kick 25/ swim 25 @ 10 SR 
100 Backstroke

1500 swim (continuous)
4x50 build to sprint @ 15 SR 
200 pull

Cool Down:
200 Easy

Sample Day 3

50 Minute Base Run

50 Minute Z2

Shake out the legs. Keep the effort very light.
6-8 100m strides after the run. 2 minute recovery between each stride. Build to 95% best mile effort.

Sample Day 4

Build Over/Under

7x4 minute Over/Under segments that will vary from 85% FTP to 125% thought out the 4 minute interval. The 85% effort will offer enough recovery before the next 125% effort. Stay Focused!

Sample Day 5

Build Phase Long Intervals

Warm Up:
200 Easy
8x25 Kick On Back @ 10 SR

4x200 Moderate pace @ 45 SR
4x50 Hard! @ 30 SR
8x25 Drill of Choice @ 10SR
300 pull w/ gear 

Cool Down:
200 Easy

Milestone Racing- Ironman 70.3 Build Period 8 Week Plan

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