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Long Course Training Plan - Advanced


Shannon Barras

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20 Weeks

Plan Specs

triathlon half ironman advanced

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Plan Description

This is the plan I use when I have raced successfully at the long course events. Its best for the athlete who is experienced and is looking for a Worlds slot. It is best for someone who feels good in all three disciplines. The expectation is that you are beginning this program with a solid base. That you are running 10-15 miles a week, biking 50-60 miles a week, and swimming 6k yards or meters. If you purchase this plan, feel free to reach out to me via email for limited support, or full support if you choose to hire a coach. I am an older athlete so there is plenty of rest scheduled into the plan.


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
0:12 hrs 2:10 hrs
0:10 hrs 1:00 hrs
0:21 hrs 3:45 hrs
—— ——
0:45 hrs 1:00 hrs
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
0:12 hrs 2:10 hrs
0:10 hrs 1:00 hrs
0:21 hrs 3:45 hrs
—— ——
0:45 hrs 1:00 hrs

Training Load By Week

Shannon Barras


I am a Level 1 USAT triathlon coach and have been competing in triathlon for 17 years, racing triathlons from sprints to the 1/2 ironman, and even competed successfully at the World Championship level. I have coached a variety of athletes including beginners who couldn't swim 25 yards and others with no bike experience. I promise, I will get you successfully to the starting line and help you complete your first triathlon, and for the more experienced athlete, I'll help you get faster and fitter.

Sample Day 1

Long free sets - 1700

Warm up - swim 200, mixed drills 100. kick 200
Swim 2 x 300 free easy 100
Swim 2x300 free easy 100

Sample Day 1

15 miles with intervals

Intervals as follows - 3 min intervals followed by 3 mins active recovery.

Warm up, complete 5 sets, cool down (warm up and cool down enough to reach the total

Sample Day 2


Warm up
Easy 100
Kick no board 300 change each 75
easy 100
Pull 300 breathe 3-5-7 by 100s
Main set:
Swim 5x100 free
Swim 2x200 free
cool down:
Easy 100

Sample Day 2

5 mile - zone 2

Steady 5 mile run - zone 2

Sample Day 3

Work out 2

warm up:
3-5 mins easy on the bike, then:
2 rounds of:
5 push ups
20 alternating reverse lunges
2 rounds of:
20 archer squats (alternating)
10 twisties (alternating)

Main set:
50 push ups
50 supermans
50 squats
50 paces of regular crawl (on hands and feet, not knees)
50 jump squats
50 paces of inverted crawl

3 rounds of:
:30 sec jump rope
:30 sec side plank (left)
:30 sec jump rope
:30 sec side plank (right)

3 rounds of
20 regular crunches
20 reverse crunches
20 knee up/kick ups

cool down:
3-5 min easy walk or bike followed by stretching

Sample Day 3

Bike 15 miles - zone 2

Steady ride

Sample Day 4

4 mile - zone 2

run steady - zone 2

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