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Suunto - 12 week Long Distance Triathlon Plan


Trista Francis - Suunto Multisport Team athlete & coach

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12 Weeks

Plan Description

The training plan is designed for athletes who are preparing to for long distance triathlon race.

The training program is designed for 12 weeks. The 12 week period is structured in sequence of 3 weeks of progressive training load with one easier week between.

Program has in average of 8 hours of training in a week where the heaviest weeks are close to 11 hours. In average the swimming consists 1h 30 min of swimming, 3h 50 min of cycling and 2h 40 min of running. Each week consists of all the disciplines and usually have a two swim sessions, three rides and three or four running sessions. The longest run will be 2 hours and longest bike ride 4 hours.

Each Monday on the plan is for recovery. On Mondays get a good amount of sleep, have a massage and prepare for the weeks training sessions.

The training plan is created by Trista Francis Suunto Multisport Team athlete and coach. She has 13 years of racing and coaching experience. Read more about Trista from

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When using the training plan with Suunto watch, remember to do few things:
- Setup your watch intensity zones
- Set heart rate, pace and power zones (if you have a powermeter) from watch training settings
- Set the zones specific for running and cycling as the heart rate zone will differ depending of the sport
- Set the target zone prior the start of you run or ride, this makes it easier to follow the training intensity. You are able to also follow the duration you have accumulated in each intensity while working out
- When the workout has a interval, just input these prior the start in interval settings i.e. 10 repetitions of 5 minute interval with 30s recovery. After the workout you will get summary of the interval i.e. 10x with 260watt/avg 155heart rate and max heart rate of 160
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::: Swimming terminology :::
There are few training principles and drills used in swimming. Here is short explanation on these. You can also search some example videos from internet to understand better these drills.

- DPS: Distance per stroke, working with as long distance per stroke as possible.
- Head Up: Swimming with head up, use this as a practice for open water sighting
- Closed fist: Here you are swimming with closed fists. You need to use your arms. This helps you to utilize you whole arm.
- Zipper Stroke: While swimming normally freestyle. On the recovery phase drag thumb along the side of the torso as if you would be closing a zipper as close to armpit as possible. This will encourage of high elbow recovery as well as better body position.
- Pulling: Use pull buoy to keep your feet floating while not kicking and use your upper body/arms to build better catch and get some strength work
- Kicking: Keep you arms in front of you (you can also use kick board) and move forward by only kicking
- Main Set: The set in the swimming where you need to really focus.

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Training Plan Sample Week


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
Run x3
02:41:00 02:00:00
Bike x3
03:51:00 04:00:00
Swim x2
01:27:00 01:00:00
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
02:41:00 02:00:00
03:51:00 04:00:00
01:27:00 01:00:00

Training Load By Week

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