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Siri's Favorite Turbo sessions


Siri Lindley

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2 Weeks

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Plan Description

Siri's favorite Turbo sessions.
These sessions will give you everything you need to bring your bike performance to all new levels!!
Covering all the bases in Strength, Endurance and Speed, while also keeping you inspired, motivated and FOCUSED!!
Let us know about your success after being on this plan!! write us at

Happy Riding!! dig deep and embrace the CHALLENGE!! you are getting stronger everyday!!


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
9:52 hrs 3:00 hrs
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
9:52 hrs 3:00 hrs

Training Load By Week

Siri Lindley

Sirius Athletes LLC

4x Ironman World Championship winning coach
3x70.3 World Championship winning Coach
1xUltraMan World Championship Coach
2xOlympic Medallist Coach
Former World Triathlon Champion 2001
Brown University Hall of Fame
USA Triathlon Hall of Fame
Boulder Sports Hall of Fame

Sample Day 1


warm up 10 mins easy.
do 5x30 seconds one leg drills each leg.
main set:
HARD 10x3 mins: Big gear, low cadence, STRONG MUSCULAR PUSH cadence 50-60 or so. 1:30 easy spin between each.

Sample Day 3

easy spin 90 mins aerobic with cadence flush out.

Sample Day 4

Bike 2x5/4/3/2/1 at 40KM TT pace

Bike with hard 40km TT efforts: 
2x (5-4-3-2-1) w/ 2mins rest for all.
our recommendation is to do these between 78-83 cadence. focus on power all around the pedal stroke.

Sample Day 6

2 hr Turbo: aerobic/skill

Warm up 20 mins easy. 5x20 sec high rpms...40 sec normal spin. 5x20 sec build to fast. 40 secs easy spin. 5 mins easy. 5x3 mins: build in intensity every minute but nothing HARD..just building tempo. 3 mins easy between each. 30 mins increasing resistance every 10 80 cadence for 10/75 for 10/70 for 10. 5 mins easy spin. 5x30 sec one legged drills each leg. warm down and done.

Sample Day 7

TURBO: 3hr long ride

20 mins warm up. 5x30 seconds one leg drills each leg. 5 mins easy spin 3x5 mins done as 20 seconds 120 cadence/ 40 seconds 90 plus cadence. 5 mins normal spin between each. 1 hour climbing strength building: 15 mins 75 cadence. 15 mins 70 cadence. 15 mins 65 cadence. 15 mins 60 cadence. 15 mins easy spinning. 20x1 min uptempo strong/ 1 min easy. warm down easy rest of the way!

Sample Day 8

BIKE 90 mins with progressive BG strength work

big gear low cadence, powerful all around the pedals for:
1 min BG grind 50-60 cadence ideally
1 min spin
2 mnins BG grind 50-60 cadence
1 min spin
3 mins BG grind 50-60 cadence
1 min spin
5 mins BG grind...with the last minute HARD
10 mins spin and repaet!2

Sample Day 9

90 mins recovery ride with cadence flush out.

this is meant to prime you for tomorrow's time trial. flush out the legs and have fun! feel good.
3-6 sets of this:
15seconds no resistance spin 100 plus rpms/45 seconds normal cadence easy
30 seconds no resistance 100 plus rpms/ 30 seconds normal easy
45 seconds 100plus/15 seconds normal
1 minute 100 plus/ 2 mins normal easy.

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