4 Week Specialty (FTP Focus)

Average Weekly Training Hours 04:13
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 04:13
Training Load By Week

This is a great additional 4 Week Block of Training to help increase FTP Power while still providing adequate focus on swimming and running. I has elements to increase swim speed and your race pace power for running combined with a strong focus on the BIke and your FTP. If paired with the other programs from Archangel Fitness and Coach Justin Kline, it would be Block 3 of a 4 Block, (16 week) Program getting you ready for a Olympic or 70.3

Sample Day 1
CSS Challenge Session 1

Sample Day 2
Vermont +0

Sample Day 3
15 Fresh &N Fruity PFQ

*PFQ = Pretty Flippin’ Quick! (that’s the polite version!)
Start each new broken 200 every 5 minutes, so you will get ample rest between each interval and even the chance for some active recovery swimming. In trade-off for so much rest, you must do these intervals as fast as is humanly possible!

Sample Day 4
Michigan +0

Sample Day 6
Long Run with Speed Play 1

Sample Day 8
CSS Challenge Session 2

Sample Day 10
Red Mist - Mirror Image

This is designed to be used with the finis timer. If you don't have a timer, just adjust and watch your lap times as appropriate.

Justin Kline
Archangel Endurance

I am a competitor just like you. Through years of trial and error, studying and discussing training techniques and programs I am ready to help out your everyday athlete. I know that looking through the pages of coaches on the website, it can be expensive. I want to give educated advice at a working mans price. I can offer advice on Race Prep techniques, Race Nutrition Techniques, and even Gear Selection. I can build a custom training plan with a few questions and feedback from the athlete.