Half Ironman 16 Week Intermediate RPE IM70.3 Chattanooga

Average Weekly Training Hours 09:17
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 09:17
Training Load By Week

Thank you for selecting this Half Iron Triathlon training plan, proudly presented by LB Endurance.

The plan is intended for triathletes that have at least one year of triathlon experience and/or may have completed a half iron distance triathlon already.

To start this plan, you should already be capable of running three or four times per week, and able to finish a run of at least sixty minutes in duration. You should also be able to swim 1500 yards comfortably and bike for at least ninety minutes (or 25 miles).

Each training week includes two swim workouts, two or three bike workouts, three or four run workouts and two strength training sessions. You will also find one or two planned recovery days each week. Strength training, cross-training rest are important to maintain the body, mind and soul while preparing for a half marathon.

Swim workouts are given as time and/or distance targets. Bikes are time based and utilize RPE (rate of perceived exertion) for training zones. Runs are time based and use pace for interval targets. Be sure your run pace threshold is set up in TrainingPeaks (settings) and on your training device (ie Garmin watch).

All bikes, some runs and some swims are provided as Structured Workouts that can be automatically downloaded to your training app, allowing easy use with virtual platforms like Zwift.

Strength workouts use primarily bodyweight exercises and can often be performed without typical gym machines.

The plan also includes several tips and reminders to help you prepare for an enjoyable race day, including guidance on race fueling, nutrition and hydration.

Have fun! If you have questions, or are interested in enhancing this plan, contact us at admin@lbendurance.com or www.lbendurance.com. We also offer plan enhancements such as schedule customization, training zone determination and race planning/feedback. As a LBE Training Plan customer, you will enjoy discounts on these services.

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Sample Day -5

Easy Peasy Bike Ride, 60-ish minutes

max RPE 4

Make sure your technology is working correctly: HR monitor, bike computer, all ANT+ sensors are communicating and ready to go.

Sample Day -4
Swim 1800 100s Build

Swim 1800

Warm Up 400
100 easy
4 x (25 drill choice + 25 recovery)
100 easy

Main Set 1200
4 x 50 pull (0:20 RBI)
3 x 100, as 50 easy, 25 build, 25 max effort (0:30)
3 x 100, as 25 easy, 25 build, 50 max effort (0:30)
3 x 100, as 25 build, 75 sprint (0:45)
100 sprint

Cool down 200 smooth

Sample Day 1

Long Run

70 min, pace as you feel

Sample Day 6
Continuous Swim 40 minutes

Swim 40 minutes

10 minutes warm up; with drills of choice

4 x 5 minutes steady pace (0:30)

5 minutes max effort - fast as you can go (0:30)

5 minutes recovery and cool down - easy and smooth

Sample Day 8

Long Run

80-90 min, pace as you feel

Sample Day 13
Swim 2000 100s build

Swim 2000

Warm Up 400:
100 easy
4 x (25 drill choice + 25 recovery)
100 easy

Main Set 1400:
4 x 50 pull (0:30 RBI)
4 x 100, as 50 easy, 25 build, 25 sprint (0:15)
4 x 100, as 25 easy, 25 build, 50 sprint (0:15)
4 x 100, as 25 build, 50 sprint, 25 easy (0:15)

Cool down 200

Sample Day 48
Bike Speed #1

Bike 50 min

Warm Up 15 min
5 min easy, 90+ rpm
5 min alternate every 0:30 between 80 rpm & 100 rpm
5 min easy, 90+ rpm

Main Set
10 x (0:30 spin to max RPM + 2:30 RBI)
* shift to find the easiest gear that lets you spin fast but you don’t bounce on the saddle

Cool Down 5 min

Lana Burl
LB Endurance

Lana believes in the value of living a full and happy life. She found joy in her own odyssey of discovering and nurturing the athlete within. She believes the pursuit of endurance sports delivers clarity, perspective and opportunity. This is why Lana coaches endurance athletes; theirs is a journey that anyone can undertake to learn, be happy and have fun in even the toughest moments.