INT70.3 - Foundations (8 weeks)

Average Weekly Training Hours 05:53
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 05:53
Training Load By Week

This is part 1 of a 24 week 70.3 distance training plan suitable for intermediate level athletes looking to up their performance. The progression is slow to allow for proper adaptation before loading on in subsequent phases. This initial 8-week plan develops the foundations of technique, muscle activation, and mental awareness.

There is no testing done yet, as the focus is on getting a feel for the body and increasing overall awareness.

Sample Day 1
NM - Cycling Technique

Technical Ride to hone in our our form as we build some skills on the bike. Focus on perfect form for this one.. fitness will come later.

Sample Day 5

Steady endurance riding. Settle into your rhythm and learn to love the miles. Adjust your position throughout the ride to avoid any cramping or aches and be sure to try your aero position as much as you can if that's an option for you.

Sample Day 6
AE - Low Cadence Endurance

Sample Day 8
NM - Short Sprints

These sprints are designed to be just long enough to activate some type II muscle fibers without creating a significant amount of stress. Take them full out, holding nothing back for best results. Use the recovery time to focus on perfect form at an easy effort.

Sample Day 10
AE - Active Recovery (OPTIONAL)

All easy today. Keep effort low, feeling as though you're holding back the entire time. The hardest part of this ride is not pushing when you want to. Use this instead as an opportunity to get in some active meditation. Focus on your breathe, how you're legs and core feels, and your thoughts going through your head. No need to change them, just be aware of them.

Sample Day 13
AE - High Cadence and Aerobic Rollers

Sample Day 15
NM - Spinups & Standing Starts

Some Neuromuscular work to really engage your muscles and recruit some new ones. Power targets are suggestions but the aim will be hitting your cadence targets and just pushing as hard as you can for the short durations.

Adrian Barber
Iron North Studio

I am an endurance coach specializing in cycling and running for multisport athletes. I live in the Ottawa, Canada and operate both from home and out of Iron North Studio in the west end of the city. I'm looking to guide athletes both locally and abroad who are willing to put in the effort to achieve their goals.