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The complexity of training science requires the understanding and application of a coach with experience and knowledge to apply it. But probably the main question we should ask ourselves when we begin a preparation is: 


training stress score

Why do we train? How to measure intensity?

The most obvious answer would be that we intended to improve our conditioning, right? But how do we do that?

And how can we measure this improvement in our training?

performance measures

If you have reached these issues, we can help you.
And we will take 100% of the use of this tool that is Training Peaks.

pmc chart

This product can be purchased at any time. It is your opportunity to show our ironman certified coach your plans, giving your feedback so we can structure the best planning for you. Ask your questions to make sure you are on the right track.

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Sample Day 1
Intensity in Training

How can we measure our intensity and how and how can we get information about it in our trainings?

Sample Day 2
Muscle Fiber Vs Athlete Performance

We need to understand the characteristics of each muscle fiber and how to train them to develop the best type of training for our athlete.

Sample Day 3
We Need Stress!

This may be the best definition of an athlete's training load ever. TSS (Training Stress Score), is the relationship between the athlete and his workload.

Sample Day 4
Performance Management Chart

The Performance Management  Chart (PMC) will help the athlete monitor fitness and fatigue, and ensure that their fitness and recovery have been sufficient to reach their goal for a particular competition.

Sample Day 5

These are just a few topics that every athlete should try to understand.
However, the complexity of training science requires the understanding and application of a trainer with experience and knowledge to apply it.

Sample Day 6
Cadence - What's the correct number?

There is much talk today about the cadence among the modalities of triathlon. Do you know what this data means and how it affects your performance?

Sample Day 7
Why do We Train?

How do we know if our training is being effective? And what should we be watching so that we know we are on the right track?How to measure intensity?

Joel A. de Bem
Ironman Certified Coach

Triathlon training plans from sprint to an IRONMAN triathlon races, and ENDURANCE sports such as cycling, running and open water swimming. Extremely personalized tracking online training plans which prioritizes the details of each athlete as if it were the only one. All training plans include access to our Ironman Certified Coach and resources including explanatory videos through our youtube channel and social media. Our specialty is the training of executives with limited time for training.