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10 Week Off Season Plan Advanced/ Intermediate


Rebekah Keat

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10 Weeks

Plan Specs

triathlon half ironman intermediate advanced masters pace based strength base period

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Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
10,050m 5,000m
2:29 hrs 1:30 hrs
3:42 hrs 3:00 hrs
2:03 hrs 3:00 hrs
—— ——
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
10,050m 5,000m
2:29 hrs 1:30 hrs
3:42 hrs 3:00 hrs
2:03 hrs 3:00 hrs
—— ——

Training Load By Week

Sample Day 1

feel good recovery swim

warm up:
200 easy 2x100 drill swim 2x50 kick
main set: all 15 sec rest
16x25's every 4th strong swim
12x25's kick
8x25's every 4th strong swim
8x25's kick
4x25's hypoxic @30 sec rest
warm down
300 strength paddles/ pb band
200 easy

Sample Day 2

30 mins easy jog

depending on what your fitness is like right now.
we love running on trails, soft ground, go explore. think about how grateful you are to have two arms and two legs and a strong beating heart that allows you to enjoy nature and MOVE!

Sample Day 3

1:30 easy spin leg flush

1-1.5hrs easy spin leg flush include:

15 sec 120 rpm 45 sec easy
30 sec 110 rpm 30sec easy
45 sec 100 rpm 1:15 easy
1min 90 rpm 1min easy
repeat x3-5 sets

Sample Day 4

feel good

warm up:
500 fartlek pb band ,5x100 25 strong 75 easy
500 focus on good stroke
main set:
8x150 's 50 strong band only 100 easy swim @20sec rest
warm down
100 easy

Sample Day 5

2 hrs easy bike enjoy

2hrs get out there and ride easy and enjoy yourself reward your legs ,body and mind for a great season!

Sample Day 6

easy run

45-1hr very easy enjoy get out on a new trail or go with your partner or family!

Sample Day 7

50's main set

warm up::
400 easy choice
main set:
8 x50's ( 4x 25 fast 25 easy ,4x 25 min breaths hypoxic 25 easy)

20x50: 5 drill down/swim back

2 kick  

2 swim strong on :15 seconds rest

2 drill down/swim back

4 swim 25 FAST/25 easy on 20 seconds rest
x2 sets

300 pb/band padles

16x25 *band only @30 sec cycle or 15 seconds rest 
focus on fast stroke rate and power out back of stroke


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