Lakesman or Outlaw half 20 week training plan

Average Weekly Training Hours 06:31
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 06:31
Training Load By Week

This is a 20 week plan for any half ironman but ideally suited for The Lakesman or Outlaw half.

You will train 6 days a week but there are no junk miles. Every session has a purpose. You can expect improved strength, speed and endurance.

Each week is less than 10 hours training, even the peak weeks.

Sample Day 2
Mile swim

200m warm up

12 x 100m nice steady pace, with 30 sec rest after each

200m cool down

Sample Day 3
2 times triple 'M'

This is the dreaded triple M workout. You will run for 3 minutes at medium pace, then 3 minutes at moderate pace and finally 3 minutes at a mad pace which is as fast as you can manage. Have a 3 minute slow recovery jog, and then do it again.
If you find it too tough, just do it once through.

Sample Day 4
Steady long swim

easy, steady swim maintaining same pace and concentrating on technique

Sample Day 5
Bike speed work

Sample Day 6

Very easy run. You should be able to hold a conversation doing this. If you need to walk a bit, then do so.

Sample Day 7

Nice easy bike ride. No great effort, just get used to being on your bike.

Sample Day 9
Mile of 50's

32 x 50m nice steady pace, with 20 sec rest after each