3 Week Taper to Peak Performance for 70.3 Triathlon

Average Weekly Training Hours 06:40
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 06:40
Training Load By Week

After months of training hard in preparation, it can be very difficult to back off of your training right before a race. However, tapering correctly is important for setting yourself up for a successful race. It's not simply enough to reduce mileage or intensity. Rather, the goal of the taper is to lead yourself into peak performance.

This program offers you a taper program that commences three weeks prior to a half Ironman triathlon. Our favorite video links are sprinkled throughout to get you in the right mentality to attack your race!

Sample Day 2
Race Start Speed

2x200 no warm up on 30" RI - these are at moderate to HARD pace - just like the beginning of the race. Then 500 at race pace. Rest 1' then 4x200 at race pace with 30" rest. 100 cd.

Sample Day 3
Moderate Run Intervals

Sample Day 3
Strength Training

If your training plan strength training, then use this time to continue your strength plan. If your training plan up until now has NOT included a strength plan, then please don't start one now. Simply skip this session of today's training.

After this race, consider incorporating a strength program that complements your triathlon training by reaching out to me at jmyers@atptriathlon.com

Sample Day 4

Eat a little during this ride. While you may not feel like you need the calories, it's good practice to eat while riding.

Sample Day 5
HIM Pace Swim

During the main set, swim at your half ironman pace.

Sample Day 5
Moderate Run Intervals

Sample Day 6
Long Ride

Practice good nutrition and hydration before, during, and after your ride.

Jen Myers
ATP Triathlon

Coaching Philosophy: We are focused on your long-term development as a triathlete, and we aim to coach you in a way that balances your triathlon goals with your familial and career commitments. Coach Jen Myers has honed a strong foundation in sports performance through educational and professional endeavors that allows her to apply the knowledge from many prominent sports performance organizations, like USAT, and apply them to your triathlon training.