Average Weekly Training Hours 08:33
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 08:33
Training Load By Week
Sample Day 1
easy bike strength

1.5-2 hour ride all in high resistance gear 60-70 rpms. Feel power all around the pedal stroke.
we are building up strength here. Low heart rate ,strength in the legs!

Sample Day 2
30-45 mins easy jog

depending on what your fitness is like right now.
we love running on trails, soft ground, go explore. think about how grateful you are to have two arms and two legs and a strong beating heart that allows you to enjoy nature and MOVE!

Sample Day 3

warm up::
400 easy choice
main set:
8 x50's ( 4x 25 fast 25 easy ,4x 25 min breaths hypoxic 25 easy)

400 steady swim

10x50: 5 drill down/swim back

2 kick  

2 swim strong on :15 seconds rest

2 drill down/swim back

4 swim 25 FAST/25 easy on 20 seconds rest

300 pb/band padles

16x25 *band only @30 sec cycle or 15 seconds rest 
focus on fast stroke rate and power out back of stroke


Sample Day 4
Bike strength/run off turnovers.

Ride 60mins easy low rpms, higher resistance @70-80 cadence/ run off 15-30 mins easy with
Run off Treadmill :
10 x20 sec FAST 40 sec REST STOP  
1-2 SETS of run turnovers on treadmill.

Sample Day 5
Fartlek ,100's

3x500 fartlek (500 with snorkel pb band, 500 pb band 500 swim)
8x25's 3F1E 4 band only 4x swim
5x100 pb band fast stroke rate on 20-30 seconds rest
200 easy swim
5x100 swim on interval giving you 5-7 seconds rest at a strong effort!
200 easy swim
Total 3100

Sample Day 5
Run 30-45 mins

depending on fitness level. so pick duration accordingly.
Run 30-45 mins with 5-8x1 min strong uphill runs…easy back down to the bottom.  

focus on perfect form:

uphill: lean into the hill, nose down, quick feet, pump the arms.

downhill: anchor through the core and let it flow!!

Sample Day 6
bike easy

bike easy 1-2hrs with 10x30 seconds FLAT OUT hard/ 1:30 easy after each.