Advanced Base 3, Build, Peak and Taper for 70.3

Average Weekly Training Hours 11:40
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 11:40
Training Load By Week

This is plan that is recommended for athletes going for a sub 4:30 70.3 Triathlon. This is perfect for someone with a smart trainer and for someone who has the time and dedication to achieve the fastest 70.3 they've ever done. The best candidate for this program should have at least a couple years of consistent triathlon training under their belt so to speak.

Sample Day -4
Aerobic maintenance

10 minutes easy zone 2, than gradually build to low HR z3.

Hold z3 for duration of workout.

Be sure to say relaxed and have effective turnover, Slightly externally rotate hands as you run

Sample Day -4
HIP balance 4 drills 2050m Total (200m on 3:30)

1. 25m single arm swim (other hand is extended in front of you)

complete 100m switching arms each 25 meter

TOOL NEEDED: use ankle band around ankles (you will need to cut and use an old bike tube) the band should be adjust to slip on and off your feet. please have them on your feet in the figure 8 position.

2. Swim 150m with band around ankle. keep your abs 30% flexed as you swim.

3. closed fists drills. Swim 3x50m with your fist completely closed. Please notice how much you are pulling with your the part of the arm between the elbow and fist... the goal is to get the forearm perpendicular with the floor of the pool earlier.

4. DPS distance per stoke. Swim 2x25 having the lowest arm tun over possible(you will need to kick more to achieve this.

Repeat each of the above drills twice.

Swim 5x200 meters leaving on 3:30

COOL DOWN: 150m perfect swim

Sample Day -3
Foam Roll (Biceps, Inner thigh, and hamstrings)

mash out hamstrings, biceps, adductors(inner thigh near groin)

Sample Day -2
30 min Tempo( 70 % of FTP)

Warm up gradually building into a Z3 effort

This is a sub threshold workout. So that means its harder than Z2 but easier than Z4. You will be comfortable in a z3

If in the last 5 minutes before you start your cool down you wanted to do3 minutes at 80%, 60 seconds at 95% and 60 seconds a5 110% of threshold that would be great too.

That should create a good "pump"

Hold minimum 90 rpm for duration of entire workout. Occasionally you can spin up 100 rpm if needed

Sample Day -1
90 minutes Tempo

20 to 30 minutes easy spinning.

Main set depending on how you feel hold between Z2 and Z3. For all that will range between 100w and 200w, there is no reason to over power this workout because the weekend will be paced properly.

Please maintain above 95 rpms and focus on perfect circles as you spin.

Experiment with aero position so you can start making it feel more comfortable.

This should be a worm up pace that release endorphins and makes you feel strong and pumped up when you get off

Sample Day 1
Aerobic Ride with a 20 minute climb

Warm up: 20 minutes easy gradual building

20 minutes in low gear matching out pedals at 70 rpms
Wattage during 20 minutes climb should be just under your FTP 90 to 95% of FTP is perfect.

The remaining 110 minutes should be done in a z2 to z3 aerobic effort.

If HR series 20 percent due to an out door ride that is fine, keep up a good effort throughout the ride and keep it fun and memorable.

Sample Day 5
500's TRACK DAY 5

Warm up: Run 1.5 to 2 miles(8 laps) in HR z2, 5 to 6 RPE

Do 8-12 Drills that last for 10 seconds each

Main Set: Run 6x500 at HRz 4 to 5 /RPE 8 to 9

45 seconds rest between each interval

Cool down: 800-1600m Light jogging

Tip; Start your first 2 more conservative effort of 8 RPE or low HR Z4

Austin Mitchell

With background of exercise science and a niche in Triathlon, many athletes have achieved their goals with him in short sprints and Ironman distance endurence events. With experience as an elite athlete who has won multiple triathlons and who works closely with people on a one-on-one basis daily, he has learned to understand how the body responds and signs to look out for. Applying and explaining training philosophies with combination of science and athlete feedback, quickly transforms athletes.