IM Off season bike economy Block

Average Weekly Breakdown
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 09:09

A short block of work designed to be used in the off season or preparation phase to develop bike economy. Both bike and swim disciplines are put into maintenance mode whilst the run is prioritised.
The block utilises high intensity training to develop bike economy and improve speed and endurance at all intensity levels. The hard sessions in this block are very hard and therefore the easy runs and bikes need to be kept at a very low intensity to allow adequate recovery.
The use of an indoor trainer would be advantageous for the bike sessions.
Whilst the plan can be used be used by any athlete to develop cycling economy over any distance it is ideally suited to 70.3 or Olympic distance athletes. It would be ideal to complete this block several times in the pre season with bike and swim specific blocks inserted between each run focus.
To get guidance or help with this plan see:

Sample Day 1
race start stimulus

Sample Day 2
v02max flying 40s

This is very tough set.A huge V02max set. During the flying 40s the 40s on can be as hard as you like without considering the efforts still to come. It is common to see power and speed drop through these efforts. They are a great way to build endurance and cycle economy.
HR may not be very sensitive to changes in effort throughout the efforts, so focus on RPE.

Sample Day 3
long run

Keep this Steady. You should be able to eat and/or talk for the entire distance.
A rolling hilly route is best.

Sample Day 4
Cadence efforts easy

This session is an easy session that will allow recovery but develop your ability to change cadence and improve the nueromuscular co ordination of muscle groups at each cadence.

Sample Day 5
V02 max 1on 1 off update

This session develop peak power and V02 max increasing aerobic capacity and neuro-muscular co-ordination.

Sample Day 6
building 1000s 3000m new

This is a swim endurance set so keep early reps comfortable as finishing strongly is important.
If you cannot complete 3000 in 1hr do same sets but with 750m or extend time allowed.

Sample Day 7

2 ride @ zone2 or 6/10 rpe

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