12 Week Beginner-Intermediate 1/2 Ironman Aquabike (Time and Perceived effort)

Average Weekly Training Hours 05:40
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 05:40
Training Load By Week

This plan is built for the athlete looking to build their volume and fitness in order to compete in a half ironman aqua bike (1.2 mile swim/56 mile bike). In order to start this plan, the athlete should be able to swim 1000 yards and ride their bike for 1 hour at a moderate effort.

This plan utilizes both distance in the water and time on the bike for its workouts. No heart rate or power is required for the plan but can be implemented if the athlete know's their threshold values

The plan utilizes the Rate of Perceived Exertion Scale in which 100% would be 1 hour maximum effort. Therefore, when the plan says to ride at 60% for an hour, you should be riding at 60% of your 1 hour maximum effort.
Basic Guidelines to help with pacing
100% = focused 1 hour effort near max exertion levels
90% = focused but can say 1-2 sentences
80% = focused but can talk for 3-4 sentences
60-70%, relaxed, can carry on a conversation
50% and below, just moving but without much effort.

Before starting this plan, it is the responsibility of the athlete to be cleared for physical activity by their doctor. This plan progresses in time and intensity throughout the 12 weeks and should leave the athlete with the fitness required to complete the event.

For questions, please reach out to ddalzell@dalzellcoaching.com

Sample Day 1
Starting the plan with a 1 hour base ride

Sample Day 2
in the pool for 1500

Sample Day 3
1:20 base

Sample Day 5
1500 with 5x100 and 10x50

Sample Day 7
2 hour base ride

Sample Day 8
1:30 base ride with 3x5 tempo

Sample Day 9
2000 with 4x250 descending

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