12 weeks IM70.3 Beginner

Average Weekly Training Hours 08:10
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 08:10
Training Load By Week

This plan targets beginner triathletes who is aiming to do their first, second or possibly third half Ironman distance (70.3).
It's a solid plan including; Swim, Bike, Run and Core as well as stretching. Average weekly training load is 8 hours.

Sample Day 1
Swim 1.6km - catch/pull

100m fc,
100m pull,
100m kick,
100m fc.

Technique (Z1 to Z3):
200m kick as alternating 25m in Z3, 25m in Z1 +30secs RI.
200 as 25m fists, 25m fc+30secs.
200m kick as alternating 25m in Z3, 25m in Z1 +30secs RI.
200m as alternating 25m doggy paddle, 25m fc +30secs RI.

WD (Z1) 400 alternating back/fc

Sample Day 2
Run 35mins

35mins in Z1/Z2
Keep heart rate low, <(180-AGE). Walk if necessary.

Sample Day 2
Core workout.

Depending on equipment you got, do combinations of:Planks
Side planks
Leg raisers (lay on your back, lift heels straight legs on foot off the floor)
Russian twisters
Roll outs
"peeing dog" (Stand on knees/hands, lift one leg at a time straight back, and move it inwards, outwards, back to centre and then move the leg back. Alternate)

Sample Day 3
Swim 1.6km - breathing

100 fc breathe left, 
100 fc breathe right
100 fc breathe bilateral (3 stroke)
100 kick, 
200 fc,

Technique (Z2):
2x100m as (25 bi, 25m fc, 25m bi, 25m fc) +20secs RI

Main (Z3): 
4 x 100m fc +30secs 

WD (Z1): 400m fc

Sample Day 4
Run 12km, endurance intervals.

3 km Z1/2

1.5 km at top ofZ3.
3 km in Z2
1.5 km at top of Z3.

3 km in Z2

Sample Day 5
Yoga 30 minutes

stretch with focus on hips, glutes, lower back, hams, calfs.

Sample Day 6
Brick 2 hours

Brick 2 hours: 
1hr 40mins road or mtb in Z2 
into run 20mins in Z2

Tony Persson
Tony's Coaching

I offer online and local coaching.
I am a certified Ironman coach from the Ironman University.
I have coached multiple clients with a wide spread of abilities from finishing their first Ironman and/or IM70.3 to clients qualifying and finish at World Championship races.

Myself I have several Ironman and IM70.3 finishes, sub-10 Ironman races, Age-group wins at Olympic distance races, and duathlon races. I've raced at the IM70.3 World Champion and Long Duathlon World Championship.