IN SEASON: Free 4 Week BEGINNER 70.3 Training Plan *FREE Swim Analysis Included

Average Weekly Training Hours 02:51
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 02:51
Training Load By Week

This is the 1st 4 weeks of the FREE plan for 70.3 racers. YOU NEED MORE THAN 4 WEEKS of training to finish a 70.3 Triathlon. We ask that you come into this training plan with more than 8 weeks of training. This plan is geared for beginner athletes looking to finish the race. Again, we do ask that you come into this training plan with some level of training. There are 3 weekly swims ranging from 1900-3000 yards. Cycling building from a 40 mile long ride to a 50 mile long ride. Running starts at an average of 14 miles per week building to 19 miles per week.

Sample Day 1
Aerobic Run

No faster than marathon pace

Sample Day 1
Run Drills *Before Run

4x15seconds Butt Kicks
Goal: Really focus on Standing Tall, Hips underneath your head, Kicking your butt FAST
4x15seconds A-Skips
Goal: Really focus on standing tall, hips tight, and driving your knees UP!
4x15" High Knees
Goal: This combines driving your knees up and keeping the motion fast! If there is a lag, youre lifting your knees TOO high.
4x15" Pitter Patter.
Goal: Think of this as a speed ladder. You are working on very fast ground contact time. Land on your mid foot, NOT your toes.

Sample Day 1

2x5x150 R:30
1- 70% 2x(12.5 SA R, 12.5 SA L, 50 Free)
2- 70%
3- 70%
4- 80%
5- 3x50 STRONG R:20

Sample Day 2
Zone 2. Keep Cadence between 80-95rpms

Sample Day 2
Brick Run: Zone 2, Focus on fast turnover

Zone 2 is SLIGHTLY below the pace/effort/HR you want to run off the bike for your 70.3 race.

Sample Day 3
Speed Swim (2x5x50)

Warm UP
4x100 70% R:10
4x50 80% R:15
4x25 90% R:20
2 rounds
4x25 R:15 (25 Single Arm Right, 25 Single Arm Left) *opposite arm extended overhead. No pausing
2x25 R:15 (12.5 Water Polo Drill, 12.5 Free)
4x25 R:20 95% Band around the ankles
2x50 R:15 (25 Easy, 25 Fast!)
Main Set:
2x5x50 R:15
Cool Down:

Sample Day 4
Hill Repeats. 6x20", walk down recovery

Warm Up to the hill. Do the warm up at a conversational pace
Do the hill on a 5-8% grade. The effort is at 80% of max which should feel fast and in control. The recovery is walk down. Your heart rate should drop before the next repeat.
cool down to 4 miles

Steven Brandes
Next Level Triathlon

Steve's coaching philosophy is based on keeping every aspect of training and racing as simple as possible. With many moving parts to triathlon, having a coach that keeps you from being overwhelmed is essential. Steve's forte is addressing mechanical and psychological road blocks that limit the athlete's potential. Steve coaches 10-15 sessions per week. Through the athlete's feedback and fitness evaluations, Steve develops a sound plan that addresses the athletes's strengths and weakness.