IN SEASON: Free 4 Week ADVANCED 70.3 Training Plan *FREE Swim Analysis Included

Average Weekly Training Hours 03:10
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 03:10
Training Load By Week

This is the 1st 4 weeks of the FREE plan for 70.3 racers. We ask that you come into this training plan with more than 8 weeks of training. This plan is geared for athletes looking to go 5:30 or faster. There are 3 weekly swims ranging from 2400-3000 yards. Cycling building from a 50 mile long ride to a 60 mile long ride. Running starts at an average of 22.5 miles per week to 25 miles per week.

Sample Day 1
Run Drills *Before Run

4x15seconds Butt Kicks
Goal: Really focus on Standing Tall, Hips underneath your head, Kicking your butt FAST
4x15seconds A-Skips
Goal: Really focus on standing tall, hips tight, and driving your knees UP!
4x15" High Knees
Goal: This combines driving your knees up and keeping the motion fast! If there is a lag, youre lifting your knees TOO high.
4x15" Pitter Patter.
Goal: Think of this as a speed ladder. You are working on very fast ground contact time. Land on your mid foot, NOT your toes.

Sample Day 1
Aerobic Run

No faster than marathon pace

Sample Day 2
Big Gear. 2x15 Minutes @ Z3, Cadence 70-75. 10min RBI.

Sample Day 2
Brick Run: 1.5 Mile Progression Run

.5 Mile at Marathon Pace
.5 Mile at Half Marathon Pace
.5 Mile at 10k Pace or Faster

Sample Day 3
Speed Swim (15x50)

Warm UP
4x100 70% R:10
4x50 80% R:15
4x25 90% R:20
2 rounds
4x25 R:15 (25 Single Arm Right, 25 Single Arm Left) *opposite arm extended overhead. No pausing
2x25 R:15 (12.5 Water Polo Drill, 12.5 Free)
4x25 R:20 95% Band around the ankles
2x50 R:15 (25 Easy, 25 Fast!)
Main Set:
3x5x50 R:15 (1-3 seconds faster than Threshold Pace)
Cool Down:

Sample Day 4
Vo2 Max, Zone 5. 4x2 Minutes and 20 Second Efforts

10 Minutes Zone 2
5 Minutes Zone 3
2 Minutes Zone 4
1 Minute Zone 5
5min Zone 2
5x30 seconds 100 cadence, 30 seconds easy
Main Set
4x2 Minutes @ Z5, 3minutes rest.
8x20 Seconds @ Z6, 40 seconds easy
*cadence during efforts 95+

Sample Day 4
Threshold Workout. 8x800

Warm Up:
10 Minutes Easy
10 Minutes as 30 seconds at 5k pace, 1:30 easy
8x800m @ 10k Pace, 2minutes easy
Cool down to 6 miles

Steven Brandes
Next Level Triathlon

Steve's coaching philosophy is based on keeping every aspect of training and racing as simple as possible. With many moving parts to triathlon, having a coach that keeps you from being overwhelmed is essential. Steve's forte is addressing mechanical and psychological road blocks that limit the athlete's potential. Steve coaches 10-15 sessions per week. Through the athlete's feedback and fitness evaluations, Steve develops a sound plan that addresses the athletes's strengths and weakness.