Half-Ironman 70.3 Training Plan (Beginner, 16 Weeks, Reusable, Free Swim Stroke Assessment)

Average Weekly Training Hours 09:01
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 09:01
Training Load By Week

This is a great 16-week plan designed for a beginner Athlete that is just starting the Ironman Lifestyle.
It has a minimum of 4 hours and a maximum of 12 hours per week. Every 4th week is a recovery week. This 16-week plan is perfect for the athlete who can already swim for 1 hour, run for 1 hour, and bike for 1.5 hours. If you're willing to put in the work, you'll meet or most likely surpass your goals. Stick to this plan and I guarantee you'll cross the finish line on race day!
For this plan, testing will be done on week 4. Testing is an important part of training that will help you readjust heart rate and power zones to promote further improvement. Email me if you need any help with this. This plan uses Joe Friel Heart Rate zones and Andrew Coggen's Power Zones. Although I would recommend it, a power meter is not necessary. I've written the cycling workouts to include both heart rate zones and power zones. Both can be calculated, based on the testing in week 4, within Training Peaks under the settings/zones section within your personal profile.
Throughout this training plan email me coachjacob@empowertri.com with questions. Check our website (www.empowertri.com) for more resources or to learn more about my coaching philosophy and training plans.
As an added BONUS, I am offering purchasers of this plan a free Swim Stroke Assessment. Simply email me your swim video .mp4 files and I’ll do a free assessment. It is especially important to master your Swim Technique early on so as not to adopt bad habits.

Sample Day 2
Threshold Swim - 2

Warm Up: 200 easy swim Drill Set: 4 x 50 Drill Main Set: 12 x 100 Swim Odds at a hard pace or Zone 4 if your using a HR monitor. Easy on the evens. Use about a 10 second rest interval (RI) between these 100s Warm Down: 200 easy swim

Sample Day 2
Tempo Ride in Zone 3

Tempo Ride in Zone 3 for most of this workout. Practice riding in aero position during these long rides. If you haven't already, now is a good time to start thinking about your race course. Is it hilly, Is it flat?

Sample Day 3
Optional 15 Min run

Simple: 15 min run. Start off like you got shot out of a cannon then settle into your pace. Zone 3-4

Sample Day 3
16 x 1 Minute Intervals

2 Minutes in HR Zone 1 or <55% FTP
1 Minute in HR Zone 2 or 56-75% FTP
2 Min increasing to HR Zone 3 or 76-90% FTP
One Leg Drills:
1 x 1 Min Right Leg
1 x 1 Min Left Leg
1 x 1 Min Right Leg
1 x 1 Min Left Leg
3 x 30 sec 110 rpm by 30 sec easy peddaling
Main Set:
16 x 1 Minute Intervals w/ 1 Minute recovery between each interval
Push the work intervals up to HR zone 3-4 or 84-105% FTP
Warm Down:
5 Minutes of easy peddling.

Sample Day 4
Zone 3 Tempo Swim Base 1

200-400 swim. Usually after 5-10 minutes of dynamic stretching on the deck.
Drill Set
8 x 50 drill
Main Set
5 x 200 Tempo swim with 20 sec rest between. Try to keep each set consistent.
Warm Down
100-300 swim -Easy Recovery
Total: 2200 yds

Sample Day 4
Z-4 - 4 x 800s or 1/2 Mile Intervals

Warm up: 6 Minutes
6 minutes of easy running into faster, relaxed pace run ( do not exceed zone 3)
Main set:
4 x 800 in zone 4 with equal amounts of rest between each.
e.g. if you run an 800 in 4 minutes you should follow by 4 minutes of rest (walking/jogging).
The goal for these 800s is to keep them fairly consistent withing 5-10 seconds.
This will help with pacing and muscular endurance
Warm down:
1 x 800 jogging and walking
Follow with 10-15 minutes of static stretching.

Sample Day 5
10 x 250

Warm-up 250 swim. Usually after 5-10 minutes of stretching on the deck. Drill Set 5 x 50 drill Main Sets 250 swim. 50 easy/75 hard/50 easy/75 hard 250 pull. Hypoxic set: swim this 3/5/7 x 25 yd hypoxic. 250 swim. 100 hard. 10 sec rest. 50 easy. 10 sec rest. 100 hard. 250 kick. Kick with board on side. Alternateing every 25 yd. 250 pull. Pull with bouy and hand paddles. Work on DPS. Goal towards <14 strokes per link. 250 swim. Moderate 250 swim. 100 hard. 10 sec rest. 50 easy. 10 sec rest. 100 hard. Warm Down 250 swim Total: 2500 yds

Jacob Brickman
Empower Triathlon

At Empower Triathlon, we strive to empower athletes to reach fitness and race goals this season and exceed them the next. We believe that adult endurance sports are a lifestyle that can and should last a lifetime. Through sustainable gains, athletes can reach their goals through steady progression and exceed their goals through consistent training. There are no limits. There are no short cuts.