70.3 12 Week Advanced Plan (Power and/or Heart Rate)

Average Weekly Training Hours 09:45
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 09:45
Training Load By Week
Sample Day 1
Short ints/recoveries

WU: 200 free, 100 kick. 3 x 100 done as 25 kick, 25 R arm only, 25 L arm only, 25 free. MS: Try to make the times for these as consistent as possible. Recoveries are in seconds within parentheses. 5 x 100 @ T-pace (10”). CD: 100 easy. Total—1200

Sample Day 2
Tempo Intervals 3 x 5 - 60min

25 warmup Then 4 x 5' at zone 3 Power/HR with 3' recovery between. 15' cool down.

Sample Day 3
Run Base: Aerobic

15 warm up to zone 2. Steady effort in zone 2/low zone 3. Keep it under control. Think smooth, not fast. Work on race nutrition.

Sample Day 4
Bike FTP/LT HR Test: Assess Fitness

BT: Long warm-up of at least 30 minutes. Then ride a 30 minute time trial at a steady effort throughout. Use a flat, out and back course. This can also be done on the trainer. This is a very hard effort. What was your ave Power/HR for the 30' TT?

Sample Day 5
Endurance 2000 yds

400 Warmup 300 on 1:30 rest. 2 * 150 on :45 rest. 4 * 75 on :30 rest. 100 ez. 4*100 pull w/ paddles on :30 rest. 200 warmdown.

Sample Day 6
Base Endurance Steady, moderate effort

Ride on a flat to gently rolling course. Get at least 50% of ride time in 2 zone HR/power Avoid 3-5 zones. Keep the 2-zone effort steady and continuous.

Sample Day 7
Run Endurance - 1:00

Run 60' on a flat to rolling course or treadmill. Keep HR in Zone 1-2 - keep it easy to low medium effort except for middle section where you do 4 x (2' slightly over LT/5K pace, 2' very easy). Think about form and running pretty. Concentrate on keeping turnover high, don't overstride - run efficiently.

AJ Johnson
D3 Multisport

In over 15 years of coaching, I have helped 100's of triathletes and cyclists reach their goals. Certified by USA Triathlon and USA Cycling, I also have extensive personal experience as an endurance athlete. I enjoy working with all athletes, but particularly those who are trying to reach their potential while balancing the demands of every day life. As a coach, it is my job to create a program that works within your busy life. No matter your ability level, I can help you reach your best.