Ironman 70.3 Plan (16 weeks- Beginner/Intermediate)

Average Weekly Training Hours 10:43
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 10:43
Training Load By Week

This 16 week training plan for anyone looking to race confident and improve performance at their next 70.3 event. This plan is perfect for the beginner or even the seasoned veteran looking to qualify for 70.3 World Championships. All bike an run workouts are based on time and not distance thus the discrepancies in "totals" you may see in the "quick look". This plan has a long run of 2:00 and a long ride of 4:00. Please email me at with any questions regarding the plan outline, setting appropriate zones, terminology, methodology, T-shirt size and/or personal coaching inquiries. Thank you for choosing Crushing Iron Coaching.

Sample Day 78
24 x 100 race set

200 swim, 200 buoy, 200 kick, 200 buoy. 4 x 50's fast. 24 x 100's at 80-85% on 1:30 or 1:35

Sample Day 80
Last run for 70.3

Include 4 x 10 mins at half marathon/high tempo type pace on rolling terrain. 5 mins easy in between each one. Rest of run super mellow L2.1:30

Sample Day 81
1-6 Swim

w/u 8 x 50 @:10r 25 drill/25 swim 600 Pull, 100 moderate/50 fast, rp Once through the following 1 x 300 free@:4:30 (:20r) 2 x 250 100free/50 stroke/100 free @4:00 (:20r) 3 x 200 @3:00 (:20r) 4 x 150 @2:30 (:15r), 50 fr/50 str/50 fr 5 x 100@1:30 (:10r) 6 x 50 choice @:60 (:20r) 600 kick w/fins, 100 moderate/50 fast, rp w/d 200 easy

Sample Day 82
aerobic 200's

200 easy. 5 x 200 easy on 10 sec rest. 4 x 200 easy-mod on 10 rest, 3 x 200 mod on 15 rest, 2 x 200 mod hard on 20 rest. 1 x 200 fast. 200 easy cool down

Sample Day 86
HIM Bike Prep

1:10-1:20 all easy spin. Insert 2 x 4' at your desired HIM effort. Not over!!

Sample Day 87
HIM Run prep

35-40 mins. 15 easy and then insert 2 x 2' at your desired race pace. dont push it. You will feel fresh. Let the speed come to you.

Sample Day 90
HIM Race Day Prep

Swim- 10 min easy easy swim. NO EFFORTS Bike- 30-35 mins. All easy effort. Include 2 x 2" at your desired effort. Run- 10 min right off the bike. NOOOOO EFFFFOOOOORRRRTTTTTSSSSSS!!!!

Robbie Bruce
C26 Triathlon LLC

My underlying focus with all athletes is blending a positive life change with performance that extends beyond the finish line. I do not offer "traditional training plans", but a coach/athlete relationship focused on communication and a commitment to the process of getting better every day.

If this sounds like a something you are looking for please feel free to email me to discuss building a strong coach/athlete relationship or on how to approach one of my online training plans.