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Sub 4 "Half-Distance" Plan w/ custom video tips (HR, power, RPE based)


Austin Mitchell

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17 Weeks

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Plan Description

Lose weight, gain speed and stay injury free. We've compiled a plan from years of coaching. It a control build into the 2018 season with weekly video we've created to help you understand key points.

This Plan was compiled by All American, Master Trainer, USATLIIE, and TrainingPeaks Coach in Boulder Colorado, Austin Mitchell and was influenced by some respected athletic minds in Boulder. This periodized, and primarily duration based plan touches all the training basis such as time, intensity, type, frequency, recovery and nutrition. Foam rolling plays a key roll into this plan. This training plan was compiled over three years as Austin personally researched and tested various workout from many resources. There are several "secret" workouts included that have evolved from world class coaches and several others world class athletes and coaches that Austin has learned from. This Plan is very unique for intermediate and advanced triathletes because after completing one cycle, the athlete can increase difficulty level by increasing duration of all workouts by approximately 10%. This plan is primarily use for Olympic distance and "Half Distance" events. Increasing total scheduled volume by 30% allows athletes to use the plan for a Full Distance triathlon such as (insert a popular Triathlon racing organisation name here) , REV3, Challenge and so on. This allows the athlete to use this training program and the extremely effective workouts (and recovery techniques) throughout the year without a plateau in fitness or injury. This plan has year of testing behind it and to do anything else would be silly because this plan was a team effort from some of the best in the industry.

Training Plan Sample Week


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
Rowing x5
1:25 hrs 0:30 hrs
Bike x4
3:07 hrs 2:30 hrs
Swim x3
1:31 hrs 1:15 hrs
Run x3
1:53 hrs 1:45 hrs
Strength x2
1:03 hrs 1:00 hrs
Other x1
0:06 hrs 0:30 hrs
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
1:25 hrs 0:30 hrs
3:07 hrs 2:30 hrs
1:31 hrs 1:15 hrs
1:53 hrs 1:45 hrs
1:03 hrs 1:00 hrs
0:06 hrs 0:30 hrs

Training Load By Week

This plan works best with the following fitness devices:

  • Power Meter
  • Heart Rate Monitor

All supported devices

Austin Mitchell


With background of exercise science and a niche in Triathlon, many athletes have achieved their goals with him in short sprints and Ironman distance endurence events. With experience as an elite athlete who has won multiple triathlons and who works closely with people on a one-on-one basis daily, he has learned to understand how the body responds and signs to look out for. Applying and explaining training philosophies with combination of science and athlete feedback, quickly transforms athletes.

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