70.3 Half Ironman Plan w/ custom video tips (HR, power, RPE based)

Average Weekly Training Hours 09:23
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 09:23
Training Load By Week

Lose weight, gain speed and stay injury free. We've compiled a plan from years of coaching. It a control build into the 2018 season with weekly video we've created to help you understand key points.

This Plan was compiled by All American, Master Trainer, USAT, and TrainingPeaks Coach in Boulder Colorado, Austin Mitchell. This periodized, and primarily duration based plan touches all the training basis such as time, intensity, type, frequency recovery and nutrition. This training plan was compiled over three years as Austin personally researched and tested various workout from many resources. There are several "secret" workouts included that have evolved from world class coaches and several others world class athletes and coaches that austin has learned from. This Plan is very unique for intermediate and advanced triathletes because after completing one cycle, the athlete can increase difficulty level by increasing duration of all workouts by approximately 10%. This plan is primarily use for Olympic distance and Half Ironman events. Increasing total scheduled volume by 30% allows athletes to use the plan for a Full Distance triathlon such as IRONMAN, REV3, Challenge and so on. This allows the athlete to use this training program and the extremely effective workouts (and recovery techniques) throughout the year without a plateau in fitness or injury.

Sample Day 1
Injury Prevention/Treatment (P.R.I.C.E.)

REMEMBER THIS AND NEVER FORGET: This acronym is a reminder to take care of yourself. Everyone deals with an injury sooner or later. What separates extremely fit people and chronically injured people besides diet, exercise, and genetics is this:

Lets say for example your knee hurts you...

P-protect (don't further injure your knee)
R-rest (get off your knee more)
I-Ice (Ice for 20 mins daily)
C-Compression (wear knee brace)
E-Elevation (Lay on back with legs up)

To read more check out this website: (link attached below)


Sample Day 2
LOW intensity spin/bike ride

option 1: to use spin or stationary bike

option 2: use road bike and find relitively flat course(try to avoid high elevation change)

warm up: first five minutes slow

cool down: gradually decrease pedal speed and force the last ten minutes

Supplies: water bottle

intensity: do not exceed 65% of max heart rate, or rate of perceived exertion of 4-6, stay in HR zone 1-2 if you have HR monitor

Sample Day 2
introduction to pool

Daily tidbit: breathing- https://youtu.be/KiN-ylVXb1o

Location: indoor or outdoor pool

warm up: first five/ten minutes walking
150yard with pull buoy
150yard kick with kick board
150yard relaxed free-style swim

4 x 50 yards very easy swimming

film the 50 yards and send them to me if possible

End Swim

Supplies: kick-board, pull buoy

intensity: rate of perceived exertion(RPE) of 4-7, stay in HR zone 1-2 if you have HR monitor

Your Heart Rate vary quite a bit

Sample Day 2
Fitness Checklist

See attachment for checklist (click on the "paperclip" image)

PRINT IT OUT! This goes for all of your workouts! Feel free to substitute "warm up" with foam rolling"

Sample Day 2
Foam Rolling Video FTT series

Please watch Video for visual description







Inner leg


Mid/upper back

Sample Day 3
Adaption Strength 1

SEE ATTACHMENT FOR WORKOUT IMAGES(click "paper clip image")

The amount of weight lifted is approximately 40-55% of the max amount of weight that you could lift in that particular exercise.(for example, if the max amount of weight you think you could lift is 100lbs, then 40-55lbs would be the appropriate amount of weight for this stage of weight training)

INTENSITY: 40-55 (%1RM)


REPS/SET: 15-25

RECOVERY: 1 minute

SUPPLIES:water and note pad.
Document each workout after it is completed

Sample Day 3
Track Strength Glute/core/hip

3x30 Glutes bridge variations

3x13 steps band walk 

Hip combo 60 seconds per side

60 seconds plank


Austin Mitchell

With background of exercise science and a niche in Triathlon, many athletes have achieved their goals with him in short sprints and Ironman distance endurence events. With experience as an elite athlete who has won multiple triathlons and who works closely with people on a one-on-one basis daily, he has learned to understand how the body responds and signs to look out for. Applying and explaining training philosophies with combination of science and athlete feedback, quickly transforms athletes.