12 Week Build to Half-Ironman - Swim Only

Average Weekly Training Hours 02:47
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 02:47
Training Load By Week

The 12 Week Build to Half-ironman - Swim Only training plan is designed for the self-coached athlete in need of a swim program that will progress him or her through the build phase of training, 12 weeks prior to a Half-ironman or 70.3 distance race. There are 3 swims per week. The plan includes a taper for the race.

If you are considering purchasing this plan, here are a few notes to keep in mind:

1. It is assumed that you have built a swim based over several weeks. You should easily be able to swim 2000-2500 yards/meters before beginning this plan.

2. This plan assumes a general training block build of 3 weeks on/1 week off. The "on weeks" build progressively throughout, topping out at 3900 yards in week 10/11. The "off weeks" are meant as recovery, with occasional bench mark testing to track progress.

3. For best results for bench mark tests, it is recommended that the athlete be consistent in swim locations, levels of fatigue, and diet prior to testing. Also, keep in mind that a bad performance in a bench mark workout does not always mean fitness has decreased. Refer to the PMC for fitness, form, and fatigue tracking.

If you have any questions regarding this training plan, please feel free to reach out to me via email at lee@trismarter.com.

Sample Day 1
Test set - Swim 100/400

Warm up: 2x100 swim/100 kick/200 swim . 6x50 building by 50 to MAX effort 1-3, 4-6. . 300 as: 200 alternating fast/easy by 50, into 100 ascending by 25 (fastest effort first, very easy on the last 25). . Main set: . 1x100 as fast as you can go from a push start, try to keep your stroke long and strong. Record time. . One minute recovery between sets (no more, no less). . 1x400 from a pushed out as fast as you can go, try to remember to focus on the back half of your stroke as well as staying as streamlined as possible in the water. Record time . Swim the remainder of the session out to around 45 minutes with long, easy laps.

Sample Day 3
6x50 + 1kTT + 300

Warm up:
300 Choice swim
2 x (100 drill/50 Kick)
Main Set:
6x50 w/:15 rest (descend 1-6)
1000 Swim (FAST! Best time possible!)
300 recovery/easy
Cool Down:
300 easy pull
*2300 total*

Sample Day 5
500-400-300-200-100 + 6x50

Warm up: 2x100 swim 50 kick 2x100 swim 50 kick . Main set: 500-400-300-200-100. Build in effort for each interval, finishing the final 100 as MAX effort. . 6x50 Sprints . Cool down: 200 choice, mix.

Sample Day 8
6x50 + 6x75 + 4x150 + 4x75

Warm Up: 300 swim/300 pull/100 Kick . Main Set: 6x50 w/:20 rest (25 Shark Drill/25 Kick) 6x75 w/:15 rest (25 Drill/50 Build) 4x150 pull w/:30 rest 4x75 w/:30 rest (25 Kick/50 Build) . Cool Down: 150 choice of stroke *2500 total*

Sample Day 10
6x50 + 400 + 4x50 + 4x50 + 400 + 4x50

Warm up: 300 choice of stroke (or mix) . 300 w/pull buoy (200 pull/100 shark drill) . 200 as 100 kick/100 drill of choice . Main set: 6×50 w/ 15 sec rest (25 swim, climb out, do 3 pushups, dive in, 25 swim) . 400 snake swim (50 easy/50 FAST!) . 4×50 w/ 20 sec rest (25 feet-first w/buoy, 25 non-free w/buoy) . 4×50 w/ 20 sec rest (25 tombstone kick, 25 regular kick) . 400 snake swim (50 easy/50 FAST!) . 4×50 w/ 20 sec rest (25 swim, climb out, do 5 squat jumps, dive in, 25 swim) . Cool Down: 100 choice of stroke

Sample Day 12
5x300f + 500p

Warm up: 250s/50k/250s/50k . Main set: All pulls are with paddles and ankle band. Swims are at t-pace+. RI is 10s per 100. 4x100 pull into 400 swim 3x100 pull into 300 swim 2x100 pull into 200 swim 1x100 pull into 100 swim . Cool down: 200 choice

Sample Day 15
4x200 + 400 + 4x200

Warm up: 3x100 swim/50 kick 300 swim/50 kick . Main set: 4x200 swim . 400 pull . 4x200 swim . Cool down: 200 choice of stroke

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