12-Weeks to Half Ironman- Intermediate-6-12 hrs/wk

Average Weekly Training Hours 08:20
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 08:20
Training Load By Week

Here is a comprehensive training plan for anyone looking to take on the 70.3 distance. It is chock full of nutrition and hydration tips; quality swims, rides and runs; and essential brick sessions for race day confidence and success. Can be executed by a driven beginner or an athlete who already has experience with the half Ironman distance looking to up his/her game.

Sample Day 2
Drill/Form Focus Swim

WU: 300 straight as 25 breathe to right side only, 25 breathe to left side only, breathing every two strokes
MS: 16x50 with tennis balls leaving on :15 Rest Interval ; 5x50 kick drill mix (25 kick on right side, 25 kick on left side), 0:15 rest between reps
CD: 300 free w/ pull buoy only focus on pointing your belly button at the wall as you roll to breathe to lengthen your strokes, bilateral breathing

Sample Day 3
Aerobic Base Ride

Complete a steady state effort, making sure that for this ride and all others in this program you are not coasting at any point (unless it is not safe to pedal). Breathing should remain aerobic to deep, but limit any anaerobic gasping.

Sample Day 4
Base Run

Focus on proud posture, midfoot strike. No need to push this. Remember to stretch (static stretching) after each run in this program.

Sample Day 5
Aerobic Endurance Swim

WU: 400 free focus on steady but moderate kick all free
Pre: 3x200 free w/ pull buoy only, no paddles, all moderate on 0:10 rest. Focus on brushing chest to cheek as you roll your shoulders inwards before each stroke.
MS: 5x200 on 0:15 rest, all steady, bilateral breathing, all aerobic
CD: 200 w/ paddles, buoy, and ankle band (if available)

Sample Day 6
Endurance Base Ride

Steady effort on flat to rolling course. Feet comfortably light on the pedals with emphasis on slightly higher cadence above 85 rpm, small ring on uphills.

Sample Day 7
Endurance Run

Each weekend, you will have an endurance-focused long run, later which will be preceded by a ride. It's a good idea to get this done outdoors to keep your mind fresh and if you run with someone go with a friend who will go at your pace.

Sample Day 9
Endurance Swim w/Speed Drills

WU: 300 free w/every 4th 25 swim freestyle with closed fists; 200 kick as 25 moderate/25 FAST think power, keep legs straight and close together with kick originating at the hips; 200 pull with buoy
Speed Drill: 6x50 speed (emphasize pulling harder to go fast, accelerate the water past your hips) leaving on a 0:30 rest
MS: 3x300 hold a steady effort w/0:20 recoveries, stay aerobic.
CD: 100 backstroke, relaxed w/rotating shoulder emphasis. Use pull buoy to lift the legs if you are not familiar with the stroke.

Ben Bartlett
Bartlett Multisport

Aside from competing at a semiprofessional level for the last ten years in triathlon, Coach Bartlett has successfully coached a range of abilities in endurance sport (triathletes, runners, cyclists, and swimmers), from beginners to advanced NCAA D1 graduates from varsity collegiate swim/run programs. Coach Bartlett interacts with his athletes on a daily or bi-daily with feedback. Programs for athletes are built and adjusted on a weekly basis according to how athletes respond to their training.