First 50 Miler

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First 50 Miler


Lifelong Endurance


16 Weeks

Typical Week

2 Day Off, 5 Run

Longest Workout

24 miles

Plan Specs

running ultra beginner

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Your First 50 Miler

"It's not what you get from your training, it's what you become from your training"

Who is this plan for?
So you've signed up for your first 50 miler? Congrats! Your first 50 mile race is going to be an experience that will challenge you mentally, physically, and emotionally. This plan is designed to give you the confidence to start and ultimately build your fitness from a very basic level (35km/23 mpw) and builds up at about 10%/ week for 16 weeks.

If you've got a few miles under your belt and a few ultras under you'll find this plan has plenty of room to add in strength and cross training. Lifelong Endurance has a 12 week runners strength training program that complements the first 12 weeks of this plan which allows you to peak and taper in the final 4 weeks. Those final 4 weeks are a great time to do maintenance band work and focus on recovery during your biggest training weeks.

This plan builds you from 5 days a week of training to 6 days of training with a peak week of 55-60 miles per week closing the peak with a 50K race or long training day.

This plan delivers a 16 week training schedule
In 16 weeks you'll grow to understand what you're capable of. Just remember that this plan is not about getting it done as fast as possible - you're running a 50 mile race! Steady running and walking are part of ultra running. This plan is great for a moderately hilly or flat 50 mile race. If you're looking to build up for a mountain ultra, consider one of our other 100 mile ultra plans, you'll want to do more specific hill training for a mountain race no doubt!

Before you jump into this plan you should be able to:
Confidently complete a 50K
Have experience with Marathon or longer nutrition and hydration strategies
Have an appropriate amount of time to train for an event of this duration (8-12 hours/week)

Questions about this plan? You can find us on the web at or email our coaches directly at:


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 00:33

Sample Day 1


Time to start building up those climbing legs.

20 minutes at an easy, conversational pace

find a hill with a 5-8% grade, or using the treadmill for a more consistent hill.
Run hard, at about a 5k race effort, for 30 seconds up hill. Then, jog back downhill for 1 minute for recovery.
Repeat 8 times

Cool down
20 minutes easy cool down

Sample Day 2

Easy Aerobic Run

5mi/ 8k
A recovery run from the day before. Keep your pace easy, conversational, and controlled. This run will help loosen up your legs and build up your endurance.

Sample Day 3

Fit Test

Time to take a fit test in order to appropriately set your zones.

20 minutes, easy and conversational

20 minutes at approximately 5k effort. This will be used to set your zones.

Cool down
20 minutes

Sample Day 4

Long Run Recovery

Eventually, these will turn into back-to-back long runs. Until then, work on getting in the habit of keeping the pace easy

Sample Day 5

Long Run

If you can, find a route to run that mimics the race course

Sample Day 7

Easy Aerobic Run

5mi/8kA recovery run from the day before. Keep your pace easy, conversational, and controlled. This run will help loosen up your legs and build up your endurance.

Sample Day 8

Speed: Flying 200s

Speed Work: Flying 200s
total: 6mi/ 9.66k
Even as an ultra runner, it is important to keep speed in your routine.

2 mi/3k at an easy, conversational pace

200m at 5k effort followed immediately by 200m jogging recovery. Repeat 4 times
200m at 5k effort followed immediate by 200m jogging recovery. Repeat 4 times

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