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50k trail - beginner-intermediate plan Saturday Race


Tim Pigott

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20 Weeks

Plan Specs

running ultra beginner intermediate hr based

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Plan Description

50km trail run - Saturday race day.

This 20 week plan will prepare you for a 50km trail run, building from 40km a week in week 1 up to 80km in week 17. Race day is set for Saturday, if your race is on a Sunday then pick the other plan in this series. You should have a good base of runniing 4-5 times a week and be comfortable running a 10k. The first 9 weeks lay a solid aerobic base, before adding hill sprints, strides and tempo efforts to improve your effciency. This plan does not include hard threshold intervals as it is designed for the novice ultra-runner. If you have done at least 1 season of regular running including a marathon and want to get faster then consider the intermediate plan which does include threshold intervals.

The training sessions are structured using threshold heart rate as most of your runs will ideally be done on trails. Ensure you set your trainingzones in TrainingPeaks accurately and monitor for any changes in your threshold pace as you get fitter.

Your weekly structure will be two longer runs at the weekend, and 3 days mid week with rest days on Monday and Friday. Included in the plan are foam roller/mobility sessions and core stability to help ensure you stay injury free. Every session has a purpose, with particular focus on run technique to minimise risk of injury.

Each week you are encouraged to spend time reflecting on your weeks training, what went well and what needs improving? This helps you stay focussed on the process of improving yourself rather than simply the end goal. Along the way there are other mental training exercises to help you prepare your mind as well as body.

There are also nutritional planning exercises, with additional reading material and self assessments. To help you optimise your training and race nutrition plan there is a link to partnerships with Precision Hydration (including a discount code) and CORE nutrition planning app.

Most importantly, have fun out there and enjoy the scenery! Let me know how you get on.




Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
32mi 31mi
0:36 hrs 0:20 hrs
0:19 hrs 0:10 hrs
—— ——
0:04 hrs 0:05 hrs
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
32mi 31mi
0:36 hrs 0:20 hrs
0:19 hrs 0:10 hrs
—— ——
0:04 hrs 0:05 hrs

Training Load By Week

Tim Pigott

Health & Performance 3

My area of expertise is working with athletes who have been struggling with illness or injury and returning them to peak performance, particularly the longer distance events.

I am a sports physiotherapist, with over 15yrs experience working with beginners through to international & Olympic athletes from a multitude of sports, and university researcher. Coupled with S&C, Retül Bike Fit (IBFI 4), British Triathlon level2 and British Athletics, I can help you return to, or realise your potential.

Sample Day 1

Pre run glute mobility and activation

See the following link:

Warrior lunge with rotation - 10 reps each side
Bum shuffle - 20reps forward/back
Active pigeon pose - 10reps each leg
Burpees - 15 reps
Frogger - 10reps forward/back
Frog bridge - 15 reps
Donkey kick with rotation - 8 reps each leg
Reverse side clam - 12 reps each leg
Single leg RDL with a twist - 8 reps each leg
Standing hurdle drill - 5 forward/5 back each leg
Lateral jump - 20 reps

Sample Day 1

5k easy

Easy aerobic running

Sample Day 2

10k base aerobic

Easy base aerobic running

Sample Day 3

Myrtle routine

Clams - x8 each leg
Lateral leg lift - x15 each leg (5 toes in, 5 toes forward, 5 toes up)
Donkey kicks x8 each leg
Donkey whips x5 each leg
Fire Hydrants x8 each leg
Knee circle forward x5 each leg
Knee circle backward x5 each leg
Hurdle trail leg forward x5 each leg
Hurdle trail leg backward x5 each leg
Lateral leg swing x5 each leg
Forward-back leg swing x10 each leg
Forward-back leg swing bent knee x10 each leg.

See the attached link for a demonstration.

Sample Day 3

5k easy focus on being light on your feet

Focus on low impact through the feet - what do you need to do to be light and quiet. Use a treadmill for enhanced feedback of ground impact if you like (don't run like an elephant, Be a Ninja!)

Sample Day 4

Active recovery - stretch & self massage

Foam roller / soft tissue mobility
Spend 15mins or more doing some self massage with a foam roller, tennis ball, golf ball, and stretching as required.

Sample Day 5

10k base aerobic

Easy base aerobic running. If you normally do a park run on a Saturday you can include this within your longer runs by extending your warm up and cool down either side of the park run, just keep the effort aerobic throughout. No need to chase PB's at the moment.

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