UTCT 100km Plan - 6 Weeks to race-day


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8 Weeks

Typical Week

5 Run, 3 Other, 2 Strength, 1 Day Off

Longest Workout

40.39 miles

Plan Specs

running ultra advanced pace based

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This is your guide to the next 6 weeks of training for the 100km Ultra Trail Cape Town. This can also be applied to the 65km race, the long runs indicates a % of race distance to be completed.

The plan was written by previous winners christiaan & Landie Greyling


Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 02:37
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 02:37
Average Weekly Breakdown

Landie Greyling

Greyling Coaching

Landie & Christiaan Greyling has been on the trail running scene since 2008. They were in love with the sport from the very start. The couple met on a trail, got engaged on trail and even married on a trail in 2012. Trails are where they spent most of their time together and the results are paying off!

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Sample Day 1

Speed 10x400

Flat 400m on grass, gravel or track, aim to do each repeat in the same time. Rest can be VERY Easy jogging. Please note your times for each repeat. Aim to run all the same time.

Intensity: Reps are fast, but not necessarily "hard," because work bouts are relatively short and are followed by relatively long recovery bouts. 

Recoveries are to be long enough that each run feels no more difficult than the previous run, because the purpose of Reps is to improve speed and economy and you can not get faster (nor more economical) if you are not running relaxed. 
If it takes 3 minutes recovery between Rep 400s, then that is what is needed. Reducing rest time between individual work bouts does not make for a better workout, in fact it probably makes for a worse workout because the short rests could increase the stress and lead to poor economy. 

Think of Reps as similar to current 1500m race pace.

Purpose: To improve your speed and economy.

Sample Day 1

Hamstring Stretches


Sample Day 2

Easy 10k @THR

In general, Easy running is running at a comfortable, conversational pace, which certainly may vary daily, depending on how you are feeling. You may be up to 20 seconds slower or faster than the specified pace on a given day. Purpose: Running at your Easy pace promotes physiological benefits that build a solid base from which higher-intensity training can be performed. The heart muscle is strengthened, muscles receive increased blood supplies and increase their ability to process oxygen delivered through the cardiovascular system.

Sample Day 2

3 Minutes Plank habit

Make planking a daily habit.
30sec for each exercise.
Alternatives can include:
1 Normal plank
2 Side Plank
Lift one leg after 30 seconds
3 Spiderman
4 Superman
5 Hip openers x2

Example video:

Sample Day 3

Strength training

Strength training is oftentimes overlooked as non-running exercise, but is a key ingredient in your training. It helps to build strength, work and activate certain muscle groups, It reduces your injury risk. We suggest that you consult a professional strength coach. We train with www.runstrong.co.za

Sample Day 4

Hills & sprints

Sample Day 5

Happy Hips Level 1


UTCT 100km Plan - 6 Weeks to race-day

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