50K Ultra on 50 mpw | Advanced | 24 wks

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50K Ultra on 50 mpw | Advanced | 24 wks


Lifelong Endurance - Coach Andrew Simmons


24 Weeks

Typical Week

5 Run, 2 X-Train

Longest Workout

26.2 miles

Plan Specs

running ultra intermediate advanced hr based pace based

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50K Ultra on 50 mpw | Advanced Plan

"It's not what you get from your training, it's what you become from your training"

Who is this plan for?
An Advanced High Mileage Plan for the athlete that knowingly improves under a moderate to high mileage training program or is borderline elite. This plan starts at about 30 miles per week allowing athletes to ease back into early season mileage and integrate Strength training and cross training. Following a 3:1 periodization coupled with programmed workouts your progression will be aligned with your Heart Rate and Pace zones. Every 4-6 weeks you will test throughout the program to ensure that your zones are updated and ensure that you're always basing your runs off data that reflects your current fitness.

This plan has a peak week of 60 miles and beginning with 34 miles per week perfect for an athlete easing back into training. This plan is long and is designed for people that need the base mileage build up and are starting it no less than a current ability of 30 miles per week.If you've got a few miles under your belt and a few ultras under you'll find this plan has plenty of room to add in strength and cross training. Lifelong Endurance has a 12 week runners strength training program that complements the first 12 weeks of this plan which allows you to build strength while mileage is relatively low.

How is the plan constructed?
This plan is built around training 5 days/ week with optional crosstraining and off days integrated. This allows you to put an emphasis on the weekend long runs as well as maintain a strength program to allow you to build towards your best 50K. A 3:1 Periodization integrate necessary rest weeks with smart progressions in long runs. Expect to have a few hard 'test' long runs thrown in where you are encouraged to test your nutrition and hydration strategies that will build your confidence for race day.

Before you jump into this plan you should be able to:
Confidently complete a trail marathon
Have experience with Marathon or longer nutrition and hydration strategies
Have an appropriate amount of time to train for an event of this duration (6-10 hours/week)

Questions about this plan? You can find us on the web at lifelongendurance.com or email our coaches directly at: coaches@lifelongendurance.com


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 00:05

Sample Day 1


10-15:00 Easy in Zone 2
15:00 in Zone 3
10-15:00 Easy in Zone 2

Sample Day 2

Aerobic Run

Keep this run aerobic in Z1-Z2

Sample Day 3

Aerobic Run

This is a Z1-Z2 HR Run

Sample Day 5

Long Run

14 Easy in Z1-Z2

Last 3 miles moderate pace

Sample Day 6

Long Run

Get out, enjoy the run.

Sample Day 8


10-15:00 Easy in Zone 2
18:00 in Zone 3
10-15:00 Easy in Zone 2

Sample Day 9

Aerobic Run

This is a Z1-Z2 HR Run

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