Penyagolosa CSP Trail 110km 2020 15 Week Plan

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Penyagolosa CSP Trail 110km 2020 15 Week Plan


Doug Stewart

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15 Weeks

Typical Week

5 Run

Longest Workout

7:00 hrs

Plan Specs

running ultra intermediate advanced hr based

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A dedicated plan tailored for the unique demands of the Penyagolosa 110km Ultra Trail Race, with consideration for the climbs, and elevation change.

This is a 15 week plan starting on Monday 6th January and finishing on race day.
It features 2 week build 1 week recovery. It has a three week taper.

It designed for both those looking to run a fast time and those looking to finish the race, with optional workouts/replacement of workouts depending on level of ability.

Requires access to a treadmill for certain workouts, or hills, and ideally a HR monitor.
Time based rather than distance.


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 09:19

Doug Stewart

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Sample Day 1

1hr Threshold Heart Rate Test

1hr threshold HR Test

Warm Up
15 mins Easy Pace, increased effort for final 5 minutes.
Mid way through do some dynamic stretches, bum flicks and high knees.

Main Set
25 minutes Tempo Run
This is not very pleasant, start of at a pace you know you can maintain for the 25 minutes, but should be very hard for final five minutes.

Cool Down
20 Minutes easy run/walk
Bring HR back down slowly

Sample Day 2

30 Min Recovery Run

30 Minute Recovery Run

HR Zone 1 for 30 Minutes

Sample Day 3

1hr Interval Run - 5 x 3 Minutes

1hr Interval Run

Warm Up
15 minutes Easy Pace. Increasing effort for final 5 minutes.
Include dynamic stretches, bum flicks and high knees mid way through Warm Up

Main Set
5 x 3 minutes Fast Paced (not sprint)
3 minutes recovery

Cool Down
Make up to 1 hour with Easy Running

Sample Day 4

30 min Treadmill

Uphill Treadmill

Warm Up
1km Flat Running

Main Set
Increase Treadmill Gradient to 15%
10 Minutes walk/jog
HR Zone 2 to Zone 4

Decrease Gradient to 12%
5 Minute walk/jog - try to increase pace slightly
HR Zone 4

Cool Down
Decrease incline to 0%
500m - 1km Easy Jog/Walk

Sample Day 6

1hr 30 Min Tempo Run 4 x 10 Minute

1hr 30min Tempo Run

Warm Up
15 minutes Easy Pace. Increasing effort for final 5 minutes.
Include dynamic stretches, bum flicks and high knees mid way through Warm Up

Main Set
4 x 10 Minutes - Aim for HR Zone 4 and Zone 5
5 Minutes Recovery In-between

Easy Running to make it up to 1hr 30mins

Sample Day 7

4hr 30 min Endurance Run

Endurance Run -
Steady run - aim for HR Zone 1 to Zone 2

Each endurance run should be reflective of the Penyagolosa course.

Try to do on trails and for every kilometer run aim for 48m of elevation - e.g. for a 10km run climb 480m - this is reflective of the race route.

Sample Day 8

60 Min Recovery Run

60 Minute Recovery Run

HR Zone 1 for 60 Minutes

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