St Swithuns way Ultra 10 week Plan

Average Weekly Breakdown
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 06:37

A 10 week training plan to prepare you for running the St Swithuns way ultra marathon on the 22nd September 2019.

Each week has a particular focus and the overall plan is designed to build your aerobic endurance and ability to sustain a steady pace in order to complete the 53km St Swithun's ultra.

This plan assumes a basic level of fitness and a minimum level of running specific training, if not then a bespoke targeted plan may be more suitable.

One of the prime foundations is the principle of consistency each day, each week and each month. This can include daily checks on your health and wellness, introducing active recovery sessions, establishing a strength training routine that can be completed week in week out.

Every week will include a variety of training sessions with the objective to help your body adapt in order to prepare for the event, some weeks will include a higher number of runs, others higher intensity, some will include back to back or double day runs. Every variation is designed to help stimulate and improve your endurance habit so you are ready for race day.

the plan uses a combination of heart rate and pace guidelines, there is a threshold test run in week 1 which can be used to test your current actual level of fitness, not your desired or previous fitness.

Sample Day 1
Foam roller or other injury prevention routine

Get into the habit of performing a regular injury prevention routine. Whatever works best for you, this may include yoga, light stretching, massage, foam roller.

Sample Day 2
Fitness Test: Threshold Pace and Heart Rate

This fitness test helps you to set your pace and heart rate training zones and thresholds for Training Peaks.

Warm Up:
15 mins in Z2 (easy/steady),
4 x (30 secs accelerating from Z2 to Z4 + 30 secs recoveries in Z1).

Main Set:
Run for 30 mins at the fastest pace you can maintain for the duration. Record your average pace and ideally average heart rate too.

Warm Down:
10 mins in Z1 to Z2 (easy).

Sample Day 3
Strength Training core

These sessions are important to include on a weekly basis throughout the training plan.

Sample Day 3
Base Maintenance Run. - optional only if feeling good

Base Run. On a mostly flat course with a soft but firm surface (trail, track. park, treadmill), stay in heart rate zone 1 or in pace zones 1 and 2 only. Pretty form (proud posture) and quick cadence. If very tired reduce the duration of this run or omit it.

Sample Day 4
Zone 1-2, check cadence

Heart rate in zones 1-2 on a gently rolling course. Check cadence: count left foot strikes every 15 seconds. Goal is 22 or higher to give a total cadence of 88-92spm

Sample Day 4
Strength training: running workout

Building strength training into the weekly routine so that it becomes a habit. This session can be done before or after an easy run day.

Sample Day 6
Yo-Yo Run

This will develop your aerobic endurance. follow the session plan, do not hold a pace or effort, vary between the parameters set.

Toby Leyland
The Endurance Habit
  • Full not a part time coach
  • Qualified and certifed in cycling and triathlon
  • Personally race triathlon, cycling and ultra running events
  • Focussed on building coach-athelete relationship
  • Qualified Accountant and economist
  • Worked in the Middle East, set up and ran own company for 15 years
  • Began coaching after creating Bahrain Triathlon Club
  • Enjoy helping those acheive levels of performance they may or may not have been able to acheive on their own.