Ultramarathon - Your First 50-miler Plan

Average Weekly Training Hours 07:10
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 07:10
Training Load By Week

If you have finished marathon and you’re looking for a new challenge, chances are a thought about running Ultra Marathon has crossed your mind.

There are not many Ultra Marathon training plans out there and one of the reasons is that these events are so different in distance, terrain and even weather conditions, that it is virtually impossible to have some training plan that would cover all training needs on an endurance athlete.

This plan is no exception. It is more of a recommendation, a daily schedule of workouts, based on preparation stages that would get your body ready for a challenging event - 50 mile Ultra marathon. It includes duration of workouts rather than distance to be covered - otherwise it would not be possible to plan your busy schedule. Plan also refers to RPE 1-10 (Rating of Perceived Exertion) scale when describing workouts, however it is based on percentage of your calculated Threshold Pace. When you progress, you will be able to relate your own RPE to your HR zones, if you feel more comfortable sticking to exact numbers that your sport watch shows you.

And if you will have any questions for this plan, prior to or after purchasing it, please contact me by e-mail marius@trainbydata.com and I’ll be happy to help you.

Also, read Welcome message before starting. It contains important information about your plan.

Plan version v. 2.0.1

Sample Day 1
Strength & Conditioning 1 hr

Sample Day 8
Strength & Conditioning 1 hr

Sample Day 11
Endurance Run 1:30h

Sample Day 14
Running Intervals, 7x1min

Sample Day 16
Strength & Conditioning 1 hr

Sample Day 18
Endurance Run 1:45h

Sample Day 46
Endurance Run 2:10h

Marius Triukas
Train By Data

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If you’re ready and willing to dive into your training data and if you want to explore how numbers translate to your fitness, let’s talk and see if we can find out what your training may or may not have been missing.