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Ultra trail 100K training plan: 24 wks, advanced + email support


Andrius Ramonas

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24 Weeks

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running trail advanced

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Plan Description

Ultra trail 100K training plan: 24 wks, advanced + email support

This training plan will physically prepare you for a long trail race. I am a running coach, ultra trail runner (The North Face Australia & NZ team) and exercise physiologist, and I am happy to share my approach and experience of getting ready for a long ultra trail race.

Is this plan for you?

This plan is designed for already intermediate trail runners. Before starting this plan you should be: 

  • comfortable with 40-50K training weeks

  • ability to complete 60 min or longer training runs

  • have no current injuries that prevent you from running

  • some experience with higher intensity interval training (but not necessary)

  • eiger runner

    Main training plan features

  • RPE-based training intensity prescription (Note: I can help to you to individualise by heart rate/running pace. Feel free to email me - see contact details below)

  • Long run: Saturday or Sunday

  • Longest workout: 40-45K

  • Periodisation structure: two weeks of build-up with one recovery week

  • Strength and Conditioning: 2 sessions/week on average

  • How is this plan structured?

  • Weeks 1 to 6  will increase your weekly running mileage and improve your fundamental running skills and overall strength.

  • Weeks 7 to 12 will further target your overall running fitness and skills with increased training volume, as well as uphill endurance workouts and speed conditioning sessions.

  • Weeks 13 to 18 will develop your cardiovascular capacity. Expect to be challenged with harder high-intensity workouts and combinations of uphill and downhill drills. A second longer run will be introduced during the week.

  • Weeks 19 to 24 will lead you through a trail running-specific training phase with higher speed workouts on trails. Those will be the hardest training weeks where you will complete your longest training runs.

  • Final thoughts

    I think that success in most running races (road and trail alike) is to understand the demands of that particular race and to address them with specific training. For example, to move swiftly through mountainous terrain, focus on skills and good running technique on uphills and downhills is equally as important as completing physically demanding and fast sessions. Similarly, the ability to cover long distances is a result of being able to conserve energy (being more economical) during long-running hours without fatiguing too much and too early. This plan will balance endurance training, speed development, running technique, and strength to prime you for a challenging ultra trail race.

    Contact details 

    If you have questions, please contact me directly:



    Average Weekly Breakdown

    Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
    6:31 hrs 4:30 hrs
    0:58 hrs 0:35 hrs
    —— ——
    —— ——
    Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
    6:31 hrs 4:30 hrs
    0:58 hrs 0:35 hrs
    —— ——
    —— ——

    Training Load By Week

    Andrius Ramonas


    Run·Art Coaching by coach Andrius Ramonas is here to bring you many years of expertise in competitive road and trail running, exercise physiology, nutrition and sports medicine.

    I coach athletes of all levels and can offer you:

    • Online Coaching
    • Individualised and Generic Training Plans
    • Running Technique Analysis
    • Training Consultations
    • Running Skills Workshops

    Sample Day 1

    Easy training run: up to 60mins

    Training run: up to 60mins
    Intensity: easy @RPE 2-4
    Terrain: Road or easy undulating trails

    Sample Day 2

    Stairs and uphill intervals: 5 x uphill strides + 5 x stair sets

    Aim: shorter stairs and uphill intervals is a great workout to start building uphill running fitness and overall the lower body strength.

    REMEMBER: Focus on form over speed; as it's your first harder workout, be careful not to overstrain your lower leg muscles! 

    15-20mins running @RPE2-3 or your easy pace
    5mins running drills + stretching

    Main Set:
    5 x 100m (or ~20-30s) uphill strides w/ 1-2min recovery interval (jog or walk)
    + 10 min easy jog
    5 x ~20s stair reps w/ 1-1.5min recovery between reps

    C/D: another 10-15min jog at easy pace

    Sample Day 3

    Stretching & Foam rolling

    Areas that need attention with the foam roller:
    Lower back and area between shoulder blades
    ITB (and outer side of your thigh)
    Inner tights (adductor muscles)
    Calf muscles

    Use a Lacrosse or cricket ball for plantar fascia

    Sample Day 4

    Easy training run: up to 60mins

    Training run: up to 60mins
    Intensity: easy @RPE 2-4
    Road or easy undulating trails

    Note, at this stage when you are building your overall running base, road or urban trails are a perfect running terrain. Especially if you don't have an easy access to trails. Adding more sessions on technical terrain will become more important in the later weeks of your race build-up.

    Sample Day 4

    S&C - Core exercise routine

    Main set:

    2 sets of --
    15 x "Bird Dog" exercise
    10 x Overhead straight leg sit-up

    2 sets of --
    15-20 x "Mountain Climbers"
    15 x Abdominal Plate Twists (you will need weight for this exercise)

    Finish with --
    2 x Shoulder Tap Plank (until fatigue)

    Sample Day 5

    Easy training run: up to 60mins

    Training run: up to 60mins
    Intensity: easy @RPE 2-4
    Road or easy undulating trails

    Sample Day 5

    Ankle and knee: balance and strength routine

    Ankle and knee strength and balance exercises!

    Repeat each exercises 2-3 times with short rest in between
    1. Single leg sitting to standing (starting without weight and progressing to weights in hands + rotation), approx 8-10 reps for each leg
    2. Diagonal weight in lunge position, approx 8-10 reps for each side
    3. Single leg half squats (both sides, until ankle fatigue)
    4. Calf raises with resistance band, approx 8-10 reps
    5. (if you have Bosu ball) Double leg mini squats with rotation
    6. (if you have Bosu ball) Single leg ankle forward and back, until fatigue, both sides
    7. Ice skaters exercise for balance and coordination, approx 10-15 reps

    Choose 3-5 exercises from the list for a session

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