70 km Trail Ultra Marathon Plan (Intermediate, 12 weeks), Reusable, Starts Any Week on a Monday

Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 00:00

Dream Big. Train Smart. Finish Strong!

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It all starts with your Running Dreams. Crossing the finish line of your target event is a great feeling: this is what you've trained for. Hands in the air and celebrate the moment!

With this plan, you will benefit from our 12+ years experience in Road races, Trail Running and Ultra Marathons. Secure reaching your running goals and ambitions now!

This Training Plan is hand-crafted for intermediate to experienced runners that have the ambition to successfully finish a 70 km Trail Ultra Marathon. Achieve your running goals and dreams, even with an already busy schedule.

Starting 12 weeks before your Trail Ultra Marathon, this plan steadily builds towards peaking in week 8 and 10. Your longest run will be a 55 km (34 mi) slow and steady run. Peak training week total is 113 km (70 mi).

Each week typically contains 4-5 training runs and 2-3 rest day per week. During peak training period,  you will train 5 days a week. Training runs include: Easy Run, Tempo Run, Recovery Run, Interval, Speedwork and an Easy Long Run during the weekends.

On average, after every 3-4 weeks, a Recovery Week is part of your Training Plan. This week is an essential part of your preparation and will ensure that you are mentally and physically rested for the weeks to come!

Prior to using this plan, you should be able to:

>Run 4 times per week

>Run 79 km weekly total (49 mi)

>Run an Easy Long Run of 35 km (22 mi)

With this plan comes unlimited email access to your coach. You’ll get yourself a running coach!

If you decide to purchase this plan (which we hope you'll do 😃), make sure to use (any) Monday as a start date. In this way the Training Plan will be added to you personal TrainingPeaks calendar correctly.  All our Training Plans can be re-used for future races as well!

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Sample Day 1
Easy Run


Sample Day 3
Speedwork (every 4 km: Z2/Z3/Z2)

Sample Day 5
Tempo Run - Flat


Sample Day 6
Easy Long Run - Rolling Terrain


Sample Day 8
Easy Run


Sample Day 9
Hill Repeats (build up)

Begin and end this training with an easy warm up; watch your HR. During warm up you could incorporate 3 - 5 short accelerations (don't overdo it, it's just to wake up the muscle's a bit more!).

Find a steep hill and execute the training: 80% on the uphills, recovery on the downhills. Don't overdo it on the uphills: this is not an all-out-training!

Sample Day 11
Speedwork (every 4 km: Z2/Z3/Z4)

Jeroen Renes
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Dream Big. Train Smart. Finish Strong.

We offer Training Plans & Coaching for Marathon and Ultra Marthon distances on Road, Ultra and Trail. Join Runners Inc. and together we'll make your running dreams come true!

Specialties include nutrition, race day tactics, mental preparation for race day and enjoying running (even when training is hard or time short 😃).