[name], 70 km Trail Ultra Plan (Intermediate, 12 weeks), Reusable, Starts Any Week on a Monday


Jeroen Renes (Runners Inc.)

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12 Weeks

Typical Week

3 Day Off, 4 Run

Longest Workout

34.18 miles

Plan Specs

running trail intermediate advanced

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This Training Plan will have you RACE DAY READY for your Ultra Trail Marathon!

Thousands of km's training and racing have gone into this specific Training Plan.

And we're sharing it with you, right here...

The main focus of this Training Plan is on preparing you for your Trail Ultra Marathon through a high level of training variation.

Therefore it is also beneficial for runners that (in the future) want to increase their base speed for other ultra race distances: allowing you to maintain speed and keep performing with a high(er) heart rate.

For runners that want to focus less on speed or that have not done structural speed training the past 2 years (i.e. interval, longer speed sessions, etc), can choose to swith a speed training for an Easy Run (Z3).

For detailed information and training strategies that form the solid foundation for this Training Plan:
check the Training Manual on https://www.runners-inc.com/download-plan-manual-personal


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 00:00

Jeroen Renes

Runners Inc.

Dream Big. Train Smart. Finish Strong.

We offer Training Plans & Coaching for Marathon and Ultra Marthon distances on Road, Ultra and Trail. Join Runners Inc. and together we'll make your running dreams come true!

Specialties include nutrition, race day tactics, mental preparation for race day and enjoying running (even when training is hard or time short 😃).

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Sample Day 1

Tempo Run - Flat


Sample Day 3

Easy Run


Sample Day 5

Speedwork (every 4 km: Z2/Z3/Z2)

Sample Day 6

Easy Long Run - Rolling Terrain


Sample Day 8

Easy Run


Sample Day 9

Hill Repeats (build up)

Begin and end this training with an easy warm up; watch your HR. During warm up you could incorporate 3 - 5 short accelerations (don't overdo it, it's just to wake up the muscle's a bit more!).

Find a steep hill and execute the training: 80% on the uphills, recovery on the downhills. Don't overdo it on the uphills: this is not an all-out-training!

Sample Day 11

Speedwork (every 4 km: Z2/Z3/Z4)

[name], 70 km Trail Ultra Plan (Intermediate, 12 weeks), Reusable, Starts Any Week on a Monday

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