Trail Run Plan 3

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Trail Run Plan 3


Kyle Main

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4 Weeks

Typical Week

6 Run, 2 Other, 1 Day Off

Longest Workout

4:00 hrs

Plan Specs

running trail intermediate tss based

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4 week- part 3 of 3 plans preparing for a 60km plus trail event.


Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 10:32
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 10:32
Average Weekly Breakdown

Kyle Main

Main Sports Academy

Professional open-water swimmer, owner of Main Sports Academy that focuses on professional swimming & Triathlon coaching from beginners to professionals.

Areas of focus:

  • Swim stroke analysis
  • Individual stroke correction lessons
  • Video analysis
  • Squad sessions
  • Triathlon coaching
  • Lactate testing

Sample Day 1


AE2. Base Maintenance Run Run mostly in heart rate zones 1 and 2, as you feel, for 75 minutes. If feeling fresh make it mostly zone 2. Otherwise, adjust effort up and down to how you are feeling at the time.

Sample Day 2

Run (AE1 Easy Run)

Run in heart rate or pace zone 1 on a mostly flat, soft surface such as on a trail or in a park. VERY easy. Best done alone. If feeling very tired shorten this run or don't do it.

Sample Day 2

Run (30-30s)

Warm-up well and then run 30 x 30 seconds at a pace about 20 seconds per mile faster than your 5k race pace per mile. Recover by jogging easily for 30 seconds after each. You should cover half of the fast rep distance during your jog (for example, run 150 in 30 seconds, jog 75 in 30 seconds). Stop when you can no longer maintain the targeted pace. This is best on a track or other measured course so that pace may be monitored. Remainder of session in zone 2

Sample Day 3


20 min stretch & foam roll

Sample Day 4

Run (AE2 Aerobic Threshold)

Warm-up well. Then on a mostly flat course run 75 minutes at 30 bpm below your 5a zone (LTHR). Focus on good form with a high cadence (85+ rpm) and flat foot strike.

Sample Day 5

Run (Cruise Intervals, 4x6 minute)

Tempo intervals. Warm up well. Then 4 x 6 minutes. Build to zone 3 heart rate. 2 minute recovery interval. Relaxed form! Listen to breathing.

Sample Day 6


2 hour run aerobic not exceeding zone 3, keep first 20 min comfortable

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