Northwest Trail Runs Winter Series Training/Racing Plan

Average Weekly Training Hours 02:34
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 02:34
Training Load By Week

Build your speed and running economy this winter with this 14-week training plan incorporating the NW Trail Runs Winter Series. Each week has a track workout to help you build speed this winter. The longest race is the Frost Eagle Half-Marathon.

Sample Day 1
Hip Strengthening - "7-Way Hips"

Follow the video directions below for a concise hip-strengthening routine:

7-way Hips:

Sample Day 1
Foam Rolling routine

Follow our description of some good foam rolling techniques:

Here's an article, too:

Sample Day 2
Tuesday Night Track I (Mile Time Trial)

Each week there will be a scheduled track workout at Garfield High School track; join other NW Trail racers and Cascade Endurance athletes of all abilities and get some speed training done!

- 1.5 mile easy jog
- Dynamic exercises on track: 50 meters each of butt-kickers, high knees, grapevines, zombie walk, walking lunges
- 400m (1 lap) jogging the corners and accelerating to sprint pace on the straights; merge immediately into:
- 400m (1 lap) at threshold (8/10 effort)

- 1 mile time trial: run 4 laps for time
-- 10min walking/jogging rest --
- 4x 400m with 1 min rest, at time trial pace: divide your TT time by 4 and use that as your split for these repeats

- 1 mile EASY jog

Sample Day 3
Aerobic Run

Run up to your Aerobic Threshold - this can be determined by either nose breathing (2-count in, 2-count out comfortable breath rate with mouth closed), MAF heart rate (180-age), or a metabolic test to determine exact heart rate*

*If you are interested in a metabolic test please email us and we can direct you to a good lab, and help you interpret the results afterward

Sample Day 4
Recovery run

Easy run under Aerobic Threshold (AeT)

Sample Day 4
Strength I: Core/Stability

This workout will target your deep abdominal (core) musculature, and help train your hip strength to bolster stability on each leg and prepare you for more robust strength training to come.

- 10min run, very easy effort

- 3 circuits of below exercises, 10 reps for each exercise (unless otherwise dictated)
- Begin and end each set with a 30-45sec front plank on forearms
- Make sure to draw navel in toward spine (like you're sucking in a gut) to ensure you engage core musculature and not place strain on lower back
- Skip any exercise which might elicit pain or discomfort from injury

- 3-2 point plank (aim for 5sec hold of most difficult position)
- Push ups
- Kayakers
- Hanging knee raise
- Up/downs 
- Table top to gymnast L

STABILITY: 3 circuits of:
- Single leg RDL: 10 reps, each leg

- Box Step-up (no added weight): 10 reps, each leg (make sure to place foot far enough forward on box such that you weight the on-box foot at the heel when stepping up; lower slowly back down)

- Star Touches: Not a high-exertion exercise but will initiate good hip stabilizing. Make sure not to "hitch" your hip (the guy in the below video does a bit): this occurs which your hip drops down on one side or the other. 4 touches each leg

Sample Day 5
Pre-race workout

This is a quick and straightforward workout but helpful to give the legs a little spring before tomorrow. 

Use terrain that is mellow and mostly flat, to encourage more speed. If you're able to do this workout on the race course that's even better!


- 15min jog warmup
- 6x 30sec on, 30sec off; the on-time should be at 5km (road) pace; this should be an "8" out of 10 on the effort scale. The off-time should be slightly slower, enough to allow your HR to drop about 5bpm.
- 15min cool down jog

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