Cutthroat Classic Training Plan

Average Weekly Training Hours 06:40
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 06:40
Training Load By Week

12-week training plan for the Cutthroat Classic trail race in the North Cascades. Includes core and strength training, hill workouts, and tips for form.

Sample Day 2
Easy Distance TT

Pick a 5ish mile route that you can easily remember, so you can use this as a baseline. Do the run at an intensity where you can either a. breathe solely through your nose, b. sing a song the entire time, or c. repeat at the end if you needed to.

Sample Day 3
Core Phase I: Stability

This workout represents the first in a core strength series that we designed first and foremost to provide strength in your "chain" to support dynamic movements such as running, skiing, etc.

The following exercises should be completed with slow, deliberate movements. Video descriptions of each can be found on our website at

3 rounds of 1 minute each:
- Supine marching
- Bird dogs
- Forearm plank from knees/tv watchers
- Bridges
- Side Lying Leg lift
- Side plank (30 sec. each side)

Sample Day 4
Hill Sprints

Do a warm up jog (15ish minutes) to a steep hill (trail preferably). 6x10 second sprints with 2-3 minute rest between (walk back down and just hang). Jog back home.

Sample Day 5
RunStrength I: Core+Stability

This workout is designed to strengthen your stabilizing muscles and deep abdominals in preparation for more challenging strength sessions in the latter base period.

All exercises should be done with full range-of-motion and form is paramount. As with all strength training, make sure you are performing the "Drawing-In Maneuver": pull your navel toward your spine to engage the core musculature and take the load off the back.

WARMUP 3x1 min (or 10 reps)
- Bridge
- TV watchers
- Side plank (30 sec. each side)
- Mt. Climbers (start with 30 seconds and work up to 60)
- Kayakers

- Perform 2 circuits of 10 reps each (each leg, where relevant), unless otherwise noted. 30sec rest between exercises, 2min rest between sets

Air squats
Push ups
Front plank (1 min)
Forward lunge
Bench Dips
Step ups

Sample Day 5
Little run post-strength

15-30 minutes really easy after strength. You should feel that everything is more engaged, and running form should be a little easier.

Sample Day 6
Active Free Day

Run/bike/hike/SUP, or anything else that gets your body moving. Keep in mind your long run is coming up, so keep it easy, but have fun!

Sample Day 7
long run

Time on your feet is key for this, more than speed. Think about being efficient with hiking on climbs, and smooth on the downhills.

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