Walking to running Training plan

Average Weekly Breakdown
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 02:31

This easy to follow program will get you from walking to running in 8 weeks!
It consists of 4x super easy workouts gradually building you up to running non-stop for 30 minutes.

Ideal for getting back into shape or resuming training after a lengthy injury.

The program has been designed to limit injuries through progressive loading, letting you take one step at a time.

Sample Day 1
Walk/run week 1 nr 1

7x(walk 2min, run 1min)

Sample Day 3
Walk/run nr 2 week 1

6x(walk 2min, run 2min)

Sample Day 5
Walk/run nr 3 week 1

5x(walk 2min, run 3 min)

Sample Day 7
Long walk

Sample Day 8
Walk/Run nr 1 Week 2

7x (walk 1min, run 3min)

Sample Day 10
Walk/run Week 2 nr 2

5x (walk 1min, run 4min)

Sample Day 12
Walk/run Week 2 nr 3

5x (walk 1min, run 5min)

Stephan Weyers
Wingman Coaching

By capitalising on the intersection between individual ability, the science of athletic performance and the latest technology, I work with each athlete to help them not only set, but also attain their personal sporting goals. Personal programmes are created for your unique level, fitness and available training time.

Weekly feedback is provided using Training Peaks, to design, deliver and adapt each athletes programme.

I coach athletes around the world - you only need a decent sports watch!