30runs 30days 30mins

Average Weekly Training Hours 03:08
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 03:08
Training Load By Week

This peformfitness.london training plan was designed by Keith Sanders. Keith is a Level 2 British Triathlon Coach he has guided both novice triathletes to their first finish and top age groupers to national age group titles. Racing as a competitive age grouper himself Keith’s PB’s include a 2hrs 02min Olympic triathlon, an Ironman best time of 9hrs and 8mins and a marathon PB of 2hrs 44mins. He has also competed at the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii in arguably one of the most competitive age groups (M30-34). Find out a little more about Keith at www.performfitness.london

This training plan benefits from Keith’s experiences as both an athlete and coach to help guide you towards your best performance yet. This training plan 30runs 30days 30minutes is designed to build run fitness through high frequency and relatively low volume running.

This training plan 'does exactly what is says on the tin' and you'll be attempting t complete 30 x 30min runs in 30 days. Athletes using this plan should be free from any injuries and currently running 3 times per week or more. The plan uses heart rate zone but can be completed using perceived exertion. Please feel free to contact us if you want help with training zones.

The plan also includes some Park Run 5k races. these are free events that you must register for and widely available across the UK. more info at http://www.parkrun.org.uk/

Email advice is available for the duration of this plan (from date of purchase) should you have any general questions about the program

Sample Day 1
30min Run #1

Start things off nice and simple. Easy effort don't worry about pace or HR aim to finish feeling fresh RPE 12-13

Sample Day 2
Fartlek run 30'' #2

Fartlek is a speed play session and you'll find a number of these throughout this plan. You can use pace, heart rate or RPE.

For this session use an undulating course but no steep climbs

5mins Hasy RPE 12
4mins Hard RPE 17
3mins easy RPE 12
2mins Hard RPE 17
1min easy RPE 12
5mins Modeate RPE 13-14

Cool down at an easy effort for remainder of duration

Sample Day 3
Easy 30min #3

Flat course on soft ground (grass or track ideal) Easy effort run RPE of 12-13 for whole 30mins today

Sample Day 4
Ramp run (1) by 10min #4

In this ramp run the aim is to increase your effort (and hopefully pace) in 10mins intervals.
Use a flat course that will not be interrupted by having to cross roads or sharp changes in direction

10mins Z1 RPE 12
10mins Z2 RPE 13
10mins Z3 RPE 15

Sample Day 5
Pre breakfast fasted run (1) #5

Running in a fasted state helps to teach the body to use fat as fuel you'll find a number of these sessions in this program. If you start to feel dizzy or unwell at any piint during these sessions stop immediately and eat. Do not continue with session. Feeling slugish and low on energy is normal.

No evening meal the night before (Or very low carb)

Soon after waking up. Small glass of water followed by 30mins Z2 RPE 12-13 effort (may feel harder)

After you finish eat a heathly 3:1 Carb:Protien breakfast to refuel.

Sample Day 6
5k TT (1) #6

Time trail of 5k.

Use a well measured and repeatable course a running track is ideal if you are in the UK check if you have a local park run (www.parkrun.org.uk)

We're looking to set a bench mark here so effort should be Z4+ or RPE 18+ but be careful not to go out too hard!

Warm up well before hand complete 5k and record time and HR data if you have it

Cool down very easy jog or walk 5mins+

Sample Day 7
Recovery #7

After yesterdays effort recovery is focus today. This run can be completed as slow as you like- Walk intervals if need be. You should aim to finish feeling better than when you started

Keith Sanders

A performance and fitness coach with over 14 years experience. Keith has a track record of success working with beginners to elite athletes locally, remotely and through applied training plans. Keith has first hand experience of balancing high level performance with life's many other commitments himself a 2:44 marathoner, multiple Ironman finisher (PB 9:08) and Kona qualifier.