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Runner, Interrupted March 2020


Mary-Katherine Fleming

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This is the March training plan for the Fitness Protection Program's Runner, Interrupted program.


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Mary-Katherine Fleming

Fitness Protection, LLC

I've been running since I was 6 years old, joining my dad's cardio rehab following a quintuple bypass. 35 years later I still run the same way his cardiologist recommended. Running is the best part of my life and I hope we can make it the best part of yours, too!

Sample Day 1

Sunday Sass

HAPPY SUNDAY NOT-RUNDAY! Don’t forget to click here and add your #weeklywin to the Google document before the #AskAway livestream starts tonight!

Sample Day 2

Week 1, Day 1: The Post-Activity Comments!

Running or not, we are all Marching through March. Take a minute to look at the boxes in Training Peaks, the one called, “post-activity comments” (PAC) is where you will write your responses to these prompts each day. Hindsight may be 20/20, but memories are notoriously unreliable, so these prompts will provide a benchmark, something we can look back on later, and they almost always prove that we’ve come farther than we think we have. Let’s set yourself up for #allthewins, and that starts by logging how you feel, right now, in the PAC box.

Sample Day 3

Week 1, Day 2: FULL OF IT!

Tuesday’s child is full of...something. :) What are you full of, today?

Sample Day 4

Week 1, Day 3: March goes in like a LION!

Today, Maintain is doing a workout called Eff Wind. Is it windy where you are? Do you wish you were outside or low-key grateful to not be running today?

Sample Day 5


REST DAY IS THE BEST DAY! A stopped clock is correct twice per day, and a stopped runner in Fitness Protection is DEFINITELY NOT BEHIND TWICE PER WEEK! Remember, Thursdays and Sundays are rest days and no one else is supposed to be running today. YAY! Such a better way to think about it, right?

Sample Day 6

Week 1, Day 5: You get your WHOLE weekend!

Fri-YAY! Do you have something planned for the weekend? Would you be able to do that thing if you had a 2-hour run on the docket? Talk to us!

Sample Day 7

Week 1, Day 6: Training Day: MOAR time to kill!

Saturdays feel amazingly long when I’m not kicking it off with a really long run. What do you notice about your weekends now?

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