Road Race Plan - 4 Weeks - 90 km Race


Jonathan Melville

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4 Weeks

Typical Week

6 Bike, 1 Day Off

Longest Workout

4:00 hrs

Plan Specs

running intermediate advanced time goal power based hr based tss based

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Outlined is a 4 week training program for intermediate to advanced rider preparing for races with distances between 90-120+ km. Although, this can be used for people who work full it is most effective or part time athletes.

The first 2 weeks consist of build style training workouts to meet the demands of a road race. This is then followed by a taper week to decrease fatigue and a race week, with the least number of hours.

Ideally to complete this program you should have at least a heart rate monitor and turbo is required (or exercise bike is perfectly acceptable). It is assumed you already no your FTP and therefore training zones.

Week 1 - 15 hours of on bike training is generally split between 'breakthrough' style works outs and recovery rides or low intensity endurance rides.

Week 2 - In similar fashion to week 1 however, different exercises are put in place to increase the bodies ability to react to different stimulus.

Week 3 - A decrease in ride duration but an increase in some of the given intervals. A lot of very similar race scenario intervals.

Week 4 - Finally, the easiest week in terms of training load. It is very important to not go over the planned amount. As the body is not going to make many fitness gain in the week instead decrease fatigue.

Please don't hesitate if you have any questions regarding the program or anything to do with BCA.


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 12:15

Jonathan Melville

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Sample Day 1

ME1 - Muscular Intervals

Type: Muscular Endurance
CHO: High

HR: ... Pw: ...

RR: Complete ride on rolling terrain and work in aero position while completing intervals. Refuel as you will do in race. Complete below intervals:

1 hr - 15 min @ zone 4 - 5 min @ zone 2 - x 3
2 hr - 60 min @ zone 2
3 hr - 15 min @ zone 4 - 5 min @ zone 2 - x 3

Sample Day 2

AE - Breakaway Training

Type: Anaerobic Endurance
CHO: Low - PFS

TU: A turbo session split into two sections, the first is aimed at the first 5 minutes of the breakaway with short but very hard effort.

Second; is an 'under-over' style interval replicating a through and off exercise when in the break.

Both improve lactic acid tolerance

Sample Day 3

EN2 - Base Maintenance

Type: Endurance

HR: ... Pw: ...

RR: Ride on a flat to gently rolling course. Get at least 50% of ride time in heart rate zone 2. Avoid 3-5 zones. Keep the 2-zone effort steady and continuous. After the ride confirm that you got at least 50% of the ride in zone 2.

Sample Day 4

RE1 - Recovery Ride

Type: Recovery
CHO: Low

RR: A genital recovery ride to cafe and back

Sample Day 5

AE - Russian Steps

Type: Anaerobic Endurance
CHO: Low (Peak for session)

TU: Turbo session for AM to bring in some strength and leg speed.

Sample Day 6

ME8 - EN + Race Intensity

Type: Muscluar Endurace - BT Session

HR: ... Pw: ...

RR: First 2 hours high zone 3 base builder. Final hour set up as the following:
15 mins @ High zone 4, 15 s Max Sprint 5 mins
05 mins @ Zone 5 - 5 minutes recovery
Repeat X 3

Cool Down

Sample Day 7

RE1 - Recovery Ride

Type: Recovery
CHO: Low

RR: An genital recovery ride to cafe and back

Road Race Plan - 4 Weeks - 90 km Race

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