Coach Boris Youth 3K or 2 mile Run Speed Improvement


Boris Robinson

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8 Weeks

Typical Week

1 Strength, 3 Run, 2 Day Off, 2 X-Train

Longest Workout

3.5 miles

Plan Specs


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This training plan is designed specifically for youth ages 10-15 years old interested in improving their 3K or 2 mile time in 8 weeks. This is a detailed 8-week plan, which focuses on improving a young runner’s speed and decreasing their overall running time. The workouts will follow a periodization approach to your training. Included in this program are run workouts and specific fitness exercises that will improve your running speed. The workouts are various drills, stretching techniques, as well as strength building exercises that will help improve technique, speed, and endurance.

Basic Qualifications:
Age 10-15 years old
Possess a running background
Able to run 2 miles without stopping
Access to a track or running trail


Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 02:46
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 02:46
Average Weekly Breakdown

Boris Robinson


Individual coaching focused on goal setting, annual training plan, month to month and weekly training plans.

Fees include heart rate and power analysis, limited to unlimited emails, fax and phone access based on select programs.

Half Ironman, Youth Triathlon, ITU Draft Legal, Adult Strength Training. Running, Cycling and Endurance Events


Triathlon (intermediate level adults, youth elite & juniors)

Cycling (Crits and road racing)

Endurance & functional fitness

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Sample Day 1


WU: dynamic stretching
15 minutes of running moderate pace and finish with 10 minutes of running drills. Find a soft surface to run on with some rolling hills.

Sample Day 1


Warm up 5-10 minutes with light jog and stretching. 3 sets of 10 push ups, 3 sets of 3-5 pull ups; have an adult assist you on the pull ups by holding your legs as you pull your body in an upward motion. 3 sets of 15 wall squats, sit against the wall with your back flat along the wall, like sitting in a chair; then push up with your legs using your quads to stand erect with your back on the wall. Lower your body back down with your legs to the start position and repeat the motion.

Cool down with an easy 400 meter jog and stretches.

Sample Day 2


WU: 10 minutes dynamic stretches.
10 minutes of running drills;
then 6x50meter strides thinking about form and accelerating with quick turnover with legs
Track: 4x200meter at 3k pace with 90sec rest between
4x100 meter faster than 3k pace with 60sec rest between each
CD: 10 minutes

Sample Day 4


WU: Dynamic stretches
10 minutes of running at easy pace (should be able to talk)
10 Minutes at moderate pace (this pace should be slightly uncomfortalbe, but you should be albe to maintain for entire time),
CD: 5 minutes

Sample Day 4


Stability Ball Push Ups with hands on the ball 2X10
Stability Ball Hyper Hugs 2X10
Stability Ball Lateral Raises 2X10
Stability Ball Passes 2X5
5 Point Touches 1 Round Right Leg Left Arm, 1 Round Left Leg Right Arm, 1 Round Right Leg Right Arm, 1 Round Left Leg Left Arm

Sample Day 6


Your choice of mode: hike, row, karate class, crossfit, etc. Can combine 2 or more. Easy effort.

Sample Day 7


WU: Dynamic warm up
20 minutes of continuous running at a moderate pace.
5 minutes cool down

Coach Boris Youth 3K or 2 mile Run Speed Improvement

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