16 Week marathon Training plan for PR!

Average Weekly Training Hours 00:29
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 00:29
Training Load By Week

This is a 16 week training plan, it can be applied for a begginer runner, or a seasoned runner. it's a good mix of strength runs, tempo runs, and speed. follow this plan and enjoy a new PR on race day. it's a steady build of mileage that will peak you around 50 miles in a week and keep you solid in the 40 miles per week range. A more seasoned runner can add a mile or two extra to some of the runs to build this plan into a 55-58 mile a week plan if they are accustom to running that much.
With this plan I also suggest 2-3 days per week a basic strength routine at home as you stretch
3 x 1 minute walls sits
3 x 20 push-ups
3 x 25 sit-ups
2 x 1 minute planks
Best of luck and happy training

Sample Day 1

7-8 miles
strength run begin to build strength in the quads and legs to with stand the hills of Boston

2 miles or 20 minutes of an easy warm-up this is low heart rate relaxed pace run.

4 x 1/4 mile long hill or 4% incline on treadmill
run at a uptempo effort not a sprint just up-tempo near a race pace like effort.
take the down hill easy as recovery.
if on treadmill do 2 minutes up and 2 minutes down the downhill part should be 0% incline.

finish out the run miles/time as an easy cool down effort pace.

Sample Day 2

5miles recovery run
heart rate should be sub 145

Sample Day 3

7miles or 60 minutes

introduction to tempo. (race pace effort)

Warm-up  2 miles or 20 minutes of easy pace this should be conversation low heart rate

main set:
5 x 2 minutes @ Goal race pace
recovery is 1 minute of easy jog

finish out the run nice and relaxed about
30-40 seconds slower per mile than your goal race pace

Sample Day 5

5miles EASY

this should be run about 1 minute slower per mile than goal race pace

after the run

25 squats
20 single leg squats (each leg)
3 x 1 minute planks
3 x 15 push-ups
4 x 25 sit-ups

Sample Day 6

12 mile long run nice and relaxed pace
focus on building endurance and base.

Sample Day 7

Cross Train day
45-60 minutes

cross country ski

you choose just keep it easy and light

Sample Day 8

7-8 miles or  60 minutes

Warm-up   2 miles or 20 minutes of easy relaxed pace

main set:  5 hill repeats
if outdoors find a nice hill with good grade that is roughly 1/4 mile or longer run up and down it 5 times focus the up hill portion at a tempo like effort and focus on good form.
if on a treadmill;  5 x 2 minutes @ 5% grade will work and again a tempo type pace effort
recover for 2 minutes @ 0% incline before you start the next hill

Cool down:
Easy relaxed pace to finish out your miles or time.  make sure you keep things pretty chill and recover your heart rate

Mike Buenting
Gotta Have Heart Training

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