10 mile intermediate plan

Average Weekly Training Hours 00:51
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 00:51
Training Load By Week

This is a 10 mile race training plan that is 10 weeks long. This planed is geared for an intermidate runner even a begginer ot expierenced runner. the mileage is not high, it's a good mix of run miles, and cross training
it will teach you speed and tempo runs,. and strength running and have you ready to complete the 10 mile distance and PR the 10 mile distance

Sample Day 1

4 mile run
@ 70% effort level this should feel easy and comfortable

Sample Day 2

45 minutes of cross training
this can be a medium effort on the elliptical trainer, maybe a cycle class, or swim.

something low impact but aerobic

Sample Day 3

5miles run
focus on form, strength, cadence

start out nice and easy but as the run goes on feel free to progress and get a little faster but no more than about a 10k pace effort.

Sample Day 5

5 miles
This is a zone 2 aerobic run very relaxed very slow and easy about 60-75 seconds slower than goal race pace

Sample Day 6

7miles @ 60 seconds slower than goal race pace

Sample Day 8

5 miles

Hill Running... find a hill about 1/4 mile long and do 4 repeats up and down the hill focus on form, good arm swing, short stride, forward lean, drive off the toes into the hill.
Then relax down the hill loose shoulders and just glide.

(if on a treadmill set incline of mill to 3% and run for 2 minutes) then go back to 0% for 2 minutes of recovery and repeat 4 times

you should run some proper warm-up and cool down miles before and after the hills

Sample Day 9

45 minutes on the bike
cycle class,
stationary bike
or ride outdoors
whatever you have access to. the goal is to ride at 90-95rpm cadence for the entire ride and focus on a medium effort that has breathing in control and feels comfortable

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