Marathon: Intermediate Plan: 18 Weeks

Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week

This plan is meant for the runner who has a few years experience and is ready to tackle the marathon. Or the runner who has completed a marathon or two and wants to see some improvement. It helps if you have completed a marathon or two but it's not completely necessary. With that, you need a base of 2 to 4 weeks of training coming into this program.

Sample Day 2
Tempo Run

6 mile run w/2 miles @ 15k to 1/2 Marathon Pace. 2M w/u and c/d. If you don't have a known pace, run marathon goal pace less 30 to 45 seconds. Strech afterwards.

Sample Day 4
Aerobic Run

8 Miles or up to 80 minutes...Keep HR in zone 1 or Zone 2. This meant to be a light run by keeping heart rate low throughout. Focus on being light and pay attention to form. Stretch afterwards.

Have fun with this. We will be using this type of run in a number of weeks ahead.

Sample Day 6
Recovery run

4 Miles ...easy. Keep HR in zone one. Add in core after run.

Sample Day 7
Long Run

12 miles or up to 1:45 of running time. Keep heart rate in zone one or lower end of zone two. Start up of building a solid base.

Sample Day 9
Aerobic run with Speed

8 miles with 8 x 30 seconds of strides with focus on speed. Imagine a final kick towards the finish line. Suggestion is to run for 20 minutes before doing strides. Take up to 90 seconds of recovery after each set. Stretch afterwards.

Sample Day 11
Aerobic Run

9 miles or up to 90 minutes. Keep HR in zone 1 or zone 2. Light on your feet. Not to difficult. Stretch afterwards.

Sample Day 13
Recovery run

5 Miles ...easy. No higher than zone one. Core Post run. Don't fall into the trap of pushing the pace.

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