TSS Based 2019 Boston Marathon Plan: Goal 3:00-3:15 (18 Weeks, Start on 12/10/18)

Average Weekly Training Hours 06:14
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 06:14
Training Load By Week

This 2019 Boston marathon plan will allow you to stop tracking your training and start tracking your FITNESS. This plan provides course profile information, training tips and fun facts specific to the Boston marathon and will post to your TrainingPeaks calendar 18 weeks out from race day.

This new Training Stress Score (TSS) based marathon plan will have you performing at your very best on race day through the use of customized workouts and analytics based on Intensity Factor (IF) and TSS scores for each run. We’ve established these calculations based on years of work with dozens of similarly matched athletes. You’ll see right from Day 1 how the Full Spectrum Sports High Performance Management System balances blocks of training with strategically placed recovery opportunities to allow you to peak at the very right moment.

This plan includes the following key attachments:

-Pacing guides for 3:00, 3:05, 3:10 and 3:15 marathons. These guides include training paces for each workout type, principles of training, routine training tips, track workout tips, Garmin tips, and TrainingPeaks tips.

-Detailed description of each type of workout.

-How to set up and use your GPS device.

-How to use the TrainingPeaks mobile application.

Benefits of TSS based training:

Tracking TSS has become the gold standard for performance management. This new training concept allows you to measure and monitor your fitness, fatigue, and freshness on a daily and weekly basis and leverages the advanced power of TrainingPeaks (TP) through the use of tools such as the Performance Management Chart and the TSS trend charts. This training plan will also teach you how to put the power of TrainingPeaks mobile platform to best use.

Target Runner:

This TSS-based marathon plan is designed to meet marathon goal times between 3:00-3:15 with an average workout pace of approximately 8:30 per mile. It is geared towards advanced runners with a solid base of training volume of approximately 30 miles per week and starts with 33 miles a week before building to a maximum of 55 miles. Training and recovery are carefully balanced with 4 running workouts and 3 rest days each week. Workout types include general aerobic runs, marathon pace runs, tempo runs, strides, and long runs that build from 12 to 20 miles.

Tools needed to get the most out of this plan:

-GPS Device with Heart Rate Monitor: To put the power of this plan to full use it is recommended that you have a GPS and HR device to use while running. You will also want to be diligent about uploading your files to your TrainingPeaks account.

-TrainingPeaks Premium Account: TP’s premium account provides access to a full spectrum of analysis and planning tools necessary to put this plan to full use.

-Smart Phone/Tablet or other device with TrainingPeaks mobile app installed (optional). Use the TrainingPeaks app to track and analyze training anywhere, including access to important charts and graphs not currently available on the web-based version of TrainingPeaks.

If you have any additional questions regarding this plan contact Coach Fred at coachfred@trifittucson.com

Sample Day 1
Plan Info/Attachments

Congratulations on starting a new training plan. Before starting your actual workouts there are several important attachments for you to download and review. Click on the paper clip to access the downloads.

1. Pacing Chart. Download the proper pacing chart for your goal (they are in 5 min increments; 3:00, 3:05. 3:10, 3:15).
2. Detailed description of each type of workout.
3. Guidelines for setting up your GPS device.
4. How to use TrainingPeaks mobile app.

Sample Day 2
Run - Tempo

Strive to complete the entire planned DISTANCE. WU with 2 miles of gradually increasing effort. Then run 4 miles at Tempo Pace. Cool down 2 miles easy.

Sample Day 3
Boston Marathon Course Info

Boston Marathon Course Info: Take the time to study the course profile to best prepare yourself for the demands of the course.

Congratulations! You've qualified and been accepted to run in the famous Boston marathon. Over 25,000 runners take on this legendary course that follows a point-to-point route from rural Hopkinton to Boston.

This course takes preparation as patience as many are tempted to go out to fast in the early downhill miles only to struggle once they reach the Newton hills so it is important to go into this race with a plan. Running in the Boston marathon is the aspiration and highlight for many runners.

Sample Day 4
Run - General Aerobic

Strive to complete the entire planned DISTANCE. Warm-up with 2 miles of gradually increasing effort. Then run at a pace 15%-25% slower than your Marathon race pace before cooling-down with 10 minutes of gradually decreasing effort.

Sample Day 5
Boston Marathon Course Info

Boston Marathon Course Info: Mile 1. The biggest downhill comes in the first mile of the race course. Resist the urge to start out to fast; the crowds will help keep your pace in check. The course starts at an elevation of 490 feet and the finish line is at elevation of 10 feet. Most of the elevation loss comes in the first 9 miles of the race. Prepare for this by slowly adding in sections of a slight downhill grade during your training runs to prepare your legs.

Sample Day 6
Run - Recovery

Strive to complete the entire planned DISTANCE. Recovery runs are not jogs but should be noticeably slower than your other workouts of the week. You should finish the run refreshed.

Sample Day 7
Run - Medium-Long

Strive to complete the entire planned DISTANCE. Warm-up with 2 miles of gradually increasing effort. The most beneficial pace for Medium-Long runs is 10%-20% slower than your goal Marathon race pace. If you do a hard training session the day before your M-L run, choose the lower end of the intensity range. Cool-down with 10 minutes of gradually decreasing effort.

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